Style Spotlight: Blogistas!

I have been sick for the past week now with some sort of sinus infection/flu. Sad 🙁 But, on the upside, it’s left me with lots of time to roam the web and stay caught up on NYFW & online shop ( diviiiiiiiiine. ) Want to join the shopfun? Click & Choose from : Gilt Groupe Rue lala Ideeli & Hautelook ! Ready, set, BUY!!

Now, that being said, I was nothing less than thrilled today when ‘@Forever21_tweet’ finallyyy posted a tweet today of their highly anticipated blogger shop! AHHHHHH! Just a little of my excitement.. 🙂 The blogger shop features some of fashion’s favorite bloggers: Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, Emily Schuman of Cupcakes & Cashmere, Kelly from The Glamourai, Minnie from The Stylish Wanderer, and the French blogger Louise from Miss Pandora. Emily’s blog is one of my absolutely favorite & always a daily read. I am excited to now be following Miss Louise, I have not previously heard of her! Skip over here to view the selections and videos made by these ladies for all of us to view. These fashionistas all have incredibly to die for style; I loove the spotlight Forever 21 has given them! As a rather new blogger myself, it is exciting to see fellow “blogistas” being featured like this, gaining and giving more attention to the blog-world!

Here’s a few of my favorite pieces from Emily, Rumi, & Kelly:

Ruffle Drape Skirt – $22.80
Pleated Abstract Skirt – $13.80
Zip-Up Wedges – $32.80
Peep Toe Oxford Pumps – $25.80
Speckles of Abstract Color Dress – $22.80  
Crinkle Studded Dress – $32.80  
Sateen Neck Tie Top – $24.80

So now that you’ve viewed all the pieces & videos, which is your favorite? Are you ‘the classic girl’ like Emily, or ‘the savvy sophisticate’ like Kelly? Do telll!!

And while I am still laid up in bed, you can bet I will be scouring the web for more of these looks.



  1. 9.15.10

    I just found your blog – so glad I did. It’s fab. And classic girl is my fave.



  2. Marissa said:

    Thank you! Classic Girl is my fave as well 🙂

    Where did you find my blog? Are you on bloglovin’?


  3. 9.16.10

    OH… I need to get those zip up wedges asap.




  4. Marissa said:

    ME TOO! I just purchased the oxford pumps last night, and a few other items that I showed above. I can’t wait to get them in. I’ll definitely feature them here once I do.

    I’m following your blog now! Love it!




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