Temecula, California

Embroidered Shift in Temecula



Like I mentioned here, I totally disconnected in California but did manage to snap a few photos in Temecula wine tasting one day. I ordered this dress right before my trip and wasn’t sure I’d be able to wear it since California is so hot – but turns out, it’s super lightweight and was perfect for when it cooled down around sunset. I love the tassel detailing and embroidery that’s all over the dress – and best part? It’s under $100! I’m so impressed with the quality of the brand, Endless Rose. All of their pieces are under $100, chic and on trend – what more could you ask for? This is one of those dresses that will for sure be hanging in my closet for years.. it’s perfect to wear on trips!

If you follow me on snapchat then you may have heard about our crazy day just trying to get to Temecula. We left a little later than planned (it’s about a 40 minute drive) but still had plenty of the day ahead. Turns out.. there was a heat fire on the highway heading over to Temecula, causing the most insane parking lot traffic on the highway! It took us over an hour to go just one mile. By the time we got out to Temecula, many of the wineries weren’t holding any more tastings. After a wild goose chase tracking down a winery we could settle down at (4 to be exact), we found the South Coast Winery thanks to the sweetest recommendation by a lady who used to work there.

We absolutely loved it. Clearly it was meant to be, and we spent the rest of the afternoon sipping wine, slicing cheese, and sharing laughs. If you’re headed out to Temecula, I highly recommend stopping in at South Coast. We loved the classy vibes and beautiful grounds. It’s also quite spread out so you can find a little spot to enjoy your wine without the bustle of tons of guests. For sure will be going back!




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    Super cute, boho chic outfit! I’m loving your dress!




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