Spring Fling Kinda Thing

I’m sitting on my couch watching the Olympics eating some frozen yogurt as this uber-busy week following my wonderful Valentines weekend comes to a close with great anticipation of this next exciting one to come!

Like many of you are probably doing now also, I’ve added the Spring Break intensity to my workouts! Of course, the gym is my second home year round, but with these cold temps here in VA the past few weeks, the rapidly approaching Spring Break season gives some extra motivation to resist the urge to curl up on the couch with a good book and a cup of hot apple cider (I’ll admit it, I’ve done it once.) If the mere thought of Spring Break doesn’t motivate you..stick that bikini you want to wear right on the pantry door. If you have yet to buy it, print out the picture and tape it up! Do whatever you have to to not give in to those late night cravings (even though I made a delicious bowl of pasta with vodka sauce the other night at 10:30pm 🙂 hehe)

Not sure which bikini to get? Well, maybe you don’t need one after all! Cutout swimsuits are definitely a trend this spring break and summer season. Why not add some variety to that rather ordinary swimsuit collection? And I’m also loving the bright colors, as always. You can’t ever go wrong with brights in the summer! Here’s a few I found while browsing 🙂 Enjoy!


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