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When I first heard the word ‘normcore’ a few months back, my initial reaction was say whaaaaa? What’s that? ha! But after a quick google search, I realized I was a huge fan of normcore – without even knowing it. And chances are, you are too! Normcore is the name for the classic, timeless, tested, and unisex style we all love. It’s your favorites that never go out of style, the ones that are backbones in your wardrobe. Normcore pieces are functional and wearable for everyone – both men and women at any stage in life. So that staple white tee you have and wear season after season? Yep, that’s Normcore!

After peeking celebrity stylist Brad Goreski’s Normcore list that included things like white kicks, backpacks, headphones, and striped tees, I decided to put together my own. A few of our products overlap, because hey – essentials are essentials, right?! Here’s a few of my favorites from the mix above:

  • Denim: There’s no question that denim is ageless. The exact style might vary with what’s exactly on trend, but we’ve been wearing denim for years and years – and will for years to come.
  • Baseball Caps: No matter where you go, you will forever see someone with a hat on their head – girl or guy. Guys wear them to complete their look and girl wear them to hide their bad hair days, am i right?
  • RayBans: When I think of a pair of sunglasses that nearly everyone has or knows what it is, it’s the Ray Ban aviator. They’re a timeless staple that are worn by all people of all ages.
  • Nikes: How many of you have a pair of Nikes (or at least have at some point)? I’m 100% sure every single hand just went up.. enough said!
  • Moisturizer: Now this one you might be a little confused by, but think about it for one second. What’s a product we all use literally all year round, no matter where we live, who we are, how old we are… moisturizer. Your hands are dry – you reach for it. You’ve just come in from a day at the beach – you reach for it. Normcore basics reach far beyond just the clothing we wear. Lubriderm offers a daily moisturizer that’s tested and true – even by a dermatologist!

So are you guys on the Normcore trend yet? You’re probably realizing (like I did) that you’re more on board than you thought! I’ve always categorized my own style as classic, timeless, wearable, etc – never knowing that an actual word existed for the style itself.


Today’s post was created in partnership with RoC Skincare.


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