As I posted earlier, I want to share with you all about my fantastical week with my boyfriend, LJ Slan!

Two weeks ago tomorrow, he arrived around noon after a short delay. I picked him up at the airport with two of my younger sisters, Rachael and Lindsay, who were so incredibly anxious to meet him! Lindsay could hardly contain herself, and we counted down the minutes til his plane landed.

 She got down on the ground so she could see all the way up the escalator to see when he came down!
We spent the whole first day by the pool with all my sisters & mom. 
The next day we went to Old Saybrook, which is where our beachhouse is. First, we stopped at the famous Lenny & Joe’s Fish Tale, reknown for its deeeeeelishhhious seafood and also in the book “1,000 places to See in the USA&Canada Before You Die”. One of our family favorites, Lenny & Joe’s was an instant hit with LJ too! We then headed over to our beachhouse where he was able to see the newly finished product & we spent the afternoon along the shore.
 By my all-talented artistic sister, Emily!
Thursday & Friday were filled with visiting & meeting family and friends, eating lots of yummy food, and shopping. My Nana had us over for dinner on Thursday night to visit! And the new bauble necklace I got is pictured down below in the photo! On Friday night we went to another family favorite, a Mexican restaurant, El Sombrero. Never have I ever tasted better Mexican, and sipped on a tastier margarita!
Saturday was a beautiful day, and we managed to get a STEAL for Rascal Flatts tickets. Just 20 rows from stage, the concert was amazing and we had a blast together!
Sunday we went to church as a family and then out to lunch to Chilis, Mom’s favorite. Sunday afternoon we spent at the Colella household for their family party. Rose & Joe will be both LJ & I’s roommates this coming semester. The night time was filled with family stories around the campfire.
And if you thought Monday was his last day… you thought wrong! We ended up switching his flight to leave earrrlllyyy Wednesday morning so we had another day to enjoy. We stayed in that night and had a campfire with my little sisters, roasting smores and laughing as always!
Tuesday night was our last night out together. But before we left for dinner, LJ unfortunately received a call that his Grandmother had passed away. She had been suffering from kidney failure as well as some other complications. He still wanted to go out because he knew that’s what she would have wanted so we choose Baci Grill, which is a Tuscan style restaurant that makes their dishes with unique and to-die-for tasting ingredients. Here are our choices from the menu that night:
SIRLOIN BRUSCHETTA – grilled garlic rubbed focaccia bread, gorgonzola cheese,
sliced sirloin, tomato and calamata olive salad drizzled with a light balsamic glaze
My Meal:
NANNI’S CHICKEN – pan roasted boneless half chicken with garlic and herbs, roasted broccoli, white wine, and a honey balsamic demi glace with garlic mashed potatoes
LJ’s Meal:
GUINNESS SKIRT STEAK – garlic mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, portabella mushrooms, and a  house demi glace.
The incredible appetizer couldn’t have been followed by two better tasting dishes. Baci will definitely be one of our favorites in CT from now on. 🙂
 Wednesday morning was nothing short of dark and early, up at 4 am to bring him to the airport! He had to fly directly to Atlanta and catch a connection to Louisiana for the funeral proceedings. I unfortunately did not get to join him down there this past weekend.
The week was absolutely fantastic, my sisters absolutely adore him, and my mom has found a son. I am so thankful to be blessed with an amazing man of God in my life and am ecstatic for the plans He has for us in the future!


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