My Nan’s Peach Jam

I share about my family relatively openly with you guys and it has been such a joy for me to see how much you guys appreciate it back.. My family is truly the most important thing to me – and I know that we are 150% blessed to be as close as we are.

I’ve always loved to cook, and growing up I’d spend Saturday mornings in the kitchen with my Nan and Pop and even great grandmother (who I was blessed to have alive in my life until about 7th grade!) She was a tiny little firey Italian lady but made a mean ANYTHING in the kitchen.

A few weeks back, I had my Nan over to the new house to make her famous peach jam. I honestly don’t remember life without nan’s peach jam.. from my earliest memories of it are having it on toast for pre-bedtime snacks. Or after school treats with my sister Emily + our cousin PJ. You know when they say you smell cookies and it reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen? For me, it’s that warm toast + peach jam on top.

I shared the whole day on instagram stories + you can go back and watch the highlight (under ‘family’) but wanted to share some special photos from the day and then her recipe in case any of you want to make it!


peaches – lots of them! (ha)
sugar – lots of it 🙂

That’s all you need for this recipe: sugar + peaches!

3 pounds of peaches yields about 8 cups boiled down (this matters!) and you need 3/4 cup of sugar to 1 cup of boiled peaches.

STEP 1 // blanch peaches til soft; skin should come off easily + the peach should fall apart from the core inside.
STEP 2 // remove the skin + core from the peaches
STEP 3 // cut the pieces into relatively small pieces – around a pea to small grape size, nothing bigger!
STEP 4 // Mix sugar into peaches
STEP 5 // Place on medium heat + boil until the mixture becomes more ‘gelatinized’.. literally until it’s a jam consistency!

If you’re making a big batch and need to can, then you’ll have to sterilize your jars + covers (we did so we did this!) I don’t really know why you’d want to make a small batch honestly.. haha!

The jars I got were 4 oz. Ball mason jars from Target – they make the perfect portion to give as gifts!

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