Monday Muse.

Hello dear readers 🙂
I hope you all had wonderful weekends! Mine was filled recovering a bit more from being sick, along with visiting my boyfriends parents who came to town for a few days. Always good to see them! My favorite weekends are the ones spent in, doing nothing but watching football, being with friends, and drinking a hot cup of tea snuggled under my blanket. What did you do this weekend? Share!

My favorite part about Mondays is… welll, can you guess? Gossip Girl, of course. Last week’s premiere episode did nothing but disappoint and we saw many of the scenes in which photos I’ve posted previously finally come to life. (see here and here) I am still in love with the green Haute Hippie dress featured in the second link, by the way. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out!

So, this weekend, and today, I picked some of my favorite looks and collections from SS 2011 NYFW. What were yours?
First, I loved the ruffles, bows, sequins, and frills of Nanette Lepore. So wonderfully girly.

Look at this gorgeous sequin bag. Luuuurve!

Absolute favorite. Frills & Sequins. Dying!
The neckline of this dress is so fab! The neckline creates such character.
 Derek Lam

Above are two of my favorite looks by Derek Lam. The camel color from this fall is coming out for spring, love it.

Alice & Olivia is one of my favorite designers, as if I haven’t said it before. Stacey Bendet never ceases to amaze my fashion loving heart. From lace, bright colors, sequins, and frills her collection was no doubt one of my favorites of the week!

I am utterly obsessed with this collection. I want everything.

What were your favorites? Do telll!



  1. Carrie said:

    Oh snap! i love the floral print maxi dress! Too cute.


  2. 9.21.10

    L0VEEE these looks!
    That Alice and Olivia collection is FLAWLESSSS, I am in love with every look.
    Adorable blog!

    I feel like we have similar tastes in the looks and the feel of our blogs!
    LOVE if you checked out my blog!
    I have a giveaway going on right now too! : )


  3. Emily said:

    Love! I would wear every single one of those gorgeous outfits. I love how theyre all so feminine and girly!

  4. Marissa said:

    Carrie, I love it too! The chiffon makes it even better!!

    Kaitlyn, I’m so excited to have you as a new follower! Count me as one of your newest as well 🙂 I’m SO obsessed with everything A&O. I want their whole collection!

    Emily, I love the girliness we’re seeing for spring..eeeek!

  5. 9.21.10

    Marissa I love the collaboration idea!
    Definitely going to brainstorm some ideas! : )
    Have you ever attended any blogger conferences or fashion events?
    Definitely e-mail me if you have any ideas and I’ll be sure to talk to my PR director for her input 😀



  6. Marissa said:

    I am so excited! I’m going to brainstorm too, let’s keep in contact.
    I haven’t attended any blogger conferences yet, but I am trying to/planning on going to the next IFB one. As for fashion events, I assistant directed my university’s fashion show last spring and am involved in another one called VITA this coming weekend.
    Let me know what your PR director says!




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