Hump Day.. or is it?

For many of you readers Wednesday is usually referred to as Hump Day ! Half way through the week and the weekend is now in sight- what a wonderful feeling.

However, unlike you all my work week is just starting! I enjoyed a well-deserved & much needed three days off after the Retail Insanity [see below] of last week! And as I head off to begin the first night, I’m left with wonderful

Sunday was filled with family; my Uncle AJ from Texas was in town for business in NYC & was able to stop in- so, of course, naturally, the Meade Family came together for one of our infamous grill outs. Countless kids, juicy marinated steaks, and splashing water are just a few of the regularities of these memorable times. Followed by the grill out, was my favorite moment.. Kids off playing somewhere on the “grounds” while adults and older cousins sit around the patio with wine glasses, beer bottles, and laughs..discussing the latest properties for sale, childhood memories, and catching up on the week’s past activities.

Monday the aunts & cousins all came down to our newly remodeled and FINISHED [YAY!] beachhouse in Old Saybrook. The house is absolutely gorgeous and a place that undoubtedly exudes relaxation. We spent the day on the beach, it was absolutely gorgeous out, not leaving until after 6.. My favorite time on the beach. The kids all love to go crabbing, walk the sand bars at low tide, and of course the daily arrival of Daisy’s Ice Cream Truck gets squeals of excitement and leaves the beach abandoned for the next hour.

Tuesday was my lazy day, to enjoy time with sisters and a night out to dinner with them & mom followed by a little excursion to Target.

Nothing compares to the closeness of family & the joy I experience when I am surrounded by the people I love the most. I have been so blessed to be apart of the Meade’s & to know & love such influential and impactful people as my grandparents & uncles have been.

So as I run off to my first day of work this week & reflect on this wonderful “weekend” of mine, you readers enjoy your “hump day”..and stay tuned for a mouth-watering find 🙂


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  1. Anonymous said:

    This makes me wish sooo bad I could visit you! Stupid work. BUT I have a grand plan…I’m working my butt off this summer and will get a job at all costs at school this year. There I shall continue to work said butt off so that I can take next summer off! It’ll be our last summer before graduation and real jobs (hopefully, ha) and so who knows when we’ll see each other again. So I plan to come for a good long stay at the beach house then!



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