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There’s nothing like seeing something you love and then clicking through to find the price way out of your budget. Can we all just agree and say this happens more often than not? That perfect pair of lace up heels, those distressed jeans, that designer bag… it’s something for each one of us. (Spoiler alert: I’ve been dying for the Givenchy Antigona bag for two years.) Instead of giving you guys a shopping round up that’s pretty to look at, I figured I’d round up some items that are not just pretty to look at but also ones your wallet won’t hate – i.e. : budget shopping. And if this is something you all love, then we can definitely get it to stick around and be a monthly thing. I’m thinking yes, but let me know what you think in the comments!

There are a few things I recommend taking a little splurge on at some point – like a classic trench, pair of pumps, one good pair of denim, and a nice bag. That combo put together, or mixed with a bunch of other lower priced items can transform your closet. That being said, things like high trend pieces (ones that are here for a season and gone the next) are ones I highly suggest doing a little looking around for. You can usually find really great similar pieces at spots like H+M, Zara, Forever 21, and the Nordstrom BP department. And if you’re only wearing it for 1-2 seasons, there isn’t time for it to unravel or fall apart – so you’re safe! If you know it’s something you will wear a lot and there’s a chance of that happening, then buy two – chances are buying two is still much less than what the designer price tag would be.

For the first round up, I picked pieces that are both classic and trend. We’ve seen a huge trend in the lace up flats the last few season, and it’s looking like they’re here to stay. (cue my happy face!) This lace up flat is such a good price, and comes in a few colors. These Dior sunglasses are huge right now, but I rarely drop big bucks on sunglasses.. so instead, I found and ordered this BP pair for the tiniest fraction of the price. Ripped denim is the go to right now and some pairs cost a ridiculous amount of money – as my Pop would say, “I hope you didn’t spend money on those raggedy things”.. true story, he always asks me if I need money for new jeans when I’m over! I’m not one for designer bag dupes, but if you are – or are just dying for an option for the overly popular Chloe Drew bag, this black crossbody from Nordstrom is golden!

A few of my favorite budget finds as of late are this lacey black dress (I have the rust colored one) and this blanket coat that’s coming with me to NYC next week. I’m also a gel nail manicure addict because it makes my life so much easier. However, the cost does add up and I do give myself a break and go for the Sally Hansen gel mani polish. It usually lasts me a good 5-6 days, which is better than your standard manicure. The Pixi team sends me different beauty products of theirs each month and I recently tried out this contouring palette – the colors are spot on, and for $38 you get an entire contouring kit plus eye shadows.. really! I highly suggest ordering, especially if you’re just into trying out contouring.

Any budget finds you’ve snatched up recently? I’d love to hear – share below + let me know if this is a series you’d like to see often.

Also if you follow me on snapchat and are interested in the black midi dress I posted yesterday, you can find it on my SHOP page or HERE.





  1. Nicolette said:

    Thanks for all these budget finds. I would love to see a budget round up. I usually shop at H & M, Zara, etc for the budget finds and I do splurge in Jeans and actually make up too.

    I saw on your snap yesterday that Midi dress and it looked so good, just clicked through now and its $20?!? I am ordering it right awat, I love it and I can wear it to work. I also didn’t even know boohoo.com existed so thank you for introducing me to that site!


    • 2.5.16

      Yes, can you believe it’s only $20?! It is so comfy too – I think I want a few more colors!

  2. Gabby said:

    Awesome Marissa!!!!! LOVED this post! Great stuff! Also love your whole 30 posts just got my hubs to start with me! One week down and I love it!! Xoxo

  3. Gabby said:

    Love this post!! Please more budget friendly posts! Also L O V E your whole 30 posts!!! My husband and I just finished our first week!! Thanks to you 🙂 xoxoxi



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