Food for Thought.

From the moment I woke up this morning, I was on the go..that is, tasking and processing shipment of new merchandise. Phew ! I am/was worn out. Perfect remedy after a long day? Cooking. I came home from work and immediately threw on my light blue apron and went to work in the kitchen. Today’s creations consisted of two pounds of homemade meatballs and a slow simmered turkey chili. I made lots of meatballs to use half for a homemade sauce [on tomorrow’s to-cook list!] and the other half to freeze for future use. I often wonder why people buy pre-made frozen meatballs when homemade ones are ever so easy to make.
Here are the ingredients I used today:
2 pounds of fresh ground beef
2 eggs
one medium onion, finely chopped
1-2 cups breadcrumb
various spices (garlic pepper, lemon pepper, parsley, paprika, & oregano)
I also usually like to use fresh garlic cloves, chopped, but unfortunately ran out yesterday while making a quick marsala.
Roll mixture [with hands] into small balls and place on baking sheet
Bake until cooked throughout at 350, just about 10 minutes !
I usually make various sizes of meatballs instead of just one- for variation, and also in case I want to use the leftover sauce for a lasagna or meatball subs!
See… so simple! 
The slow-simmered turkey chili was deeeeelicious! My recently graduated high school sister had some of her girlfriends over and it was a hit with them, as well as my younger sissy’s as well. I love a tasty bowl of chili topped with cheese and sour cream.
That’s all for today, friends. I guess I’ll be holding off my “mouth-watering find” for one more day. Stay tuned!



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