Find the Perfect Fit

This post has been a long time coming, but there’s been so many details we’ve been waiting to work out – finally the day is here! I’m so excited to announce I’m working with Fitting Room Social, a new app helping make your online shopping experience a breeze (because we all need another reason to online shop, right?!) I’m acting as a Brand Ambassador and the official Style Consultant for the FRS site and app!

Fitting Room Social is such a brilliant idea – it literally is an online fitting room for you, based off your own measurements and favorite pieces in your closet. The more you upload to the app, the more results and “great fits” you get from items all over the web – and in other FRS members’ closets! Rather than trying to go by the unrealistically skinny fit model on most websites, you can browse the FRS site for your favorite pieces and see how it fits real people in real ways! You’ll know for sure that those J.Brand Skinnies will fit you, or that blazer you’ve been ooohing over. It’s like your virtual fitting room – no more buying two sizes or sending your pictures to friends to confirm an items fit! Brilliant, right?
I’d love to have your support – come join me on the platform! Head over to the website or download our brand spankin’ new app that is quite brag-worthy, I must say. Don’t forget to find me + my closet so I can follow you, offer style tips, and answer any of your questions. We’re also running an instagram contest in which you can win a gorgeous Zac Posen bag. (see details below) I wouldn’t mind carrying that beauty on my arm during fashion week, would you? 😉


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