Christmasy Things

For some reason, I think that hot chocolate always sounds better than it actually is when you make it at home. Anyone else think so? At least, that’s how I felt the other night when I had a huge mug of it while wrapping presents! It wasn’t creamy enough, didn’t have any marshmallows (we were all out), and kept getting cold.

Some things just always look or sound better than they actually are. Take wrapping presents.. The thought of curling up next to the fire with tons of presents to wrap with Christmas music playing in the background is so appealing.. until you’re halfway through and realize you don’t have enough paper, tape, or forgot to get 3 presents for that second-cousin-of-your-mom’s-brother-twice-removed…well, you get it.

My point here is not to bring negative attention to things most of us love doing, especially around Christmas. Even if my hot chocolate was cold and my Christmas play list ended before I finished wrapping presents, they’re both festive things that everyone does this time of year.. and in some secret way, enjoys them. Maybe being with your entire family sounds like chaos to you, but secretly you know you really enjoy every second of that chaos.

Now we have found ourselves waking up to Christmas Eve- yay! I never have really thought of Christmas Eve as an entire day- somehow the day is always filled with finishing baking and cooking for the night’s festivities and Christmas day. Plus, “Eve” just feels like night time, doesn’t it? (see, there’s another thing that feels a certain way, but “isn’t”.)

Today’s’ forecast includes finishing up the baking and cooking, like always, & then preparing for a lovely night of family and food. (two of my favoooorite things!) I’ll admit I still have some wrapping to do, don’t judge! We always make too much food and then eat too much food and then have too much food left over- but no one really cares or even sometimes notices. Tonight, my family and I will spend Christmas Eve at my aunts house, complete with dinner, drinks, presents..the whole enchilada (errr, maybe I should say lasagna since we’re Italian, hehe)

Oh, and nope, no snow today in that forecast. But possibly tomorrow, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a beautiful White Christmas!

On that note, I want to wish each and every one of you beautiful and faithful readers a lovely Christmas that you will enjoy! Remember what is important and to be thankful for everything that you really do have.

Happy Christmas Eve!

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  1. Marissa said:

    Do you guys do the whole Italian fish thing on Christmas Eve? I’ve always wanted to do that. Merry Christmas! Hope it’s wonderful!

  2. Emily said:

    I COMPLETELY agree about the hot chocolate it can be such a let down, BUT if you dont mind the calories use heavy cream to make it and it will taste wayyyy better i promise lol. I find that dunkin has the creamiest and starbucks the best flavors.Enjoy your Christmas and all the festivities! Merry Christmas!

  3. 12.25.10

    Wishing you a merry christmas too, have a lovely day tomorrow

  4. 12.26.10

    I have been way over-indulging in hot cocoa this season 🙂

    Hope santa was good to you!

  5. Alisha said:

    Love this post doll!! There are definitely a lot of things out there that are ALOT better than they seem. Brandon and I were still wrapping gifts this morning (Christmas morning) LOL. I know, we’re slackers too!!

    Hope you had a wonderful time with family and a Christmas you’ll always remember! <3<3

  6. Influence said:

    haha that’s so true, I LOVE costa hot chocolates but whenever I make it at home it’s never quite right. Even if I go all out and add whipped cream and marshmallows….strange!! xx

  7. Ra said:

    wanna know a kick-a trick? stir your hot chocolate with a candy cane. trust me. a-ma-zing. for a real twang, add peppermint schnapps ;D


  8. 12.27.10

    Hey doll!!! I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas!!!! I am ready to go shopping today so I will see what I can find! I have giftcards in hand! Ready!!
    I can’t wait to see pics of your hair, I am sure it looks amazing!!
    Talk soon!


  9. Jenny Morris said:

    you are a really good writer! Youve perfectly captured the feeling when I realize things arent as great as I imagine them to be! **new follower ova here!




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