Catch Me if You Can!

Oh goodness me! I have been so bad about blogging the past week or so, and for that I really really do apologize. See, life as a working, blogging college student is nothing short of slam packed with lots of wonderful work to do! Well, the blogging part is wonderful, but not exactly the rest. hehe I will never understand why professors enjoy piling on work the week before a holiday. I mean, I don’t like going home for the holidays stressed any more than you do! If you’d like to follow me around on this busy week, go right ahead. I don’t object 😉 But anyway..

I really wanted to put together a great post for you all, but I haven’t. I spent all last week finishing multiple papers and projects, made the 10 hour (which ended up being only 8 hrs 45 mins this time!) trek back home to Connecticut Sunday, and have been running around all day Monday/Tuesday. Phew, I need to catch a breath! The one positive thing is that I’ve already begun my Christmas shopping- starting with my boyfriend. I can’t say what I bought since he reads this (sorry babes!), but I know he will love each thing! And of course I had to snatch up a few things for myself (I know, that’s awful isn’t it?) But don’t we all. Come on, I know you all splurge on a little something for yourself on Black Friday or Christmas shopping. I ended up buying 4- yes 4, they were buy1get1 FREE!- pairs of tights at AEO, and an adorable ruffled top from H&M. Watch for some photos!

For now, I’ll leave you with something a little different.. a few fun pictures of the week at home thus far. My youngest sister, who is 2 1/2, is an absolute doll. She prances around in her little skirts and leggings chattering away- and it’s adorable. She’s a bundle of personality with the most darling little smile that could brighten any day. Last night, she decided to join me at my desk while I was finishing up a project, and we had some photo booth fun. 🙂

That darling little smile.

She made that little fishy face for about half of the photos!

She’s “studying”. Note: That is my Marketing Research book.

She copied me.

And then again..

Then I went to the other side, and she copied me again.

So, there you have it! I could squeeze out all the joy that little girl has in her. I’m so thankful to have so many sisters who remind me of the joy to be had in the little things.

I’m off running around again, catch me if you can!

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  1. Iryna Ugryn said:

    very fun post hun!!! keep doing what you’re doing!!!!! You’re great!!!!

  2. 11.24.10

    How CUTE is she?! What a ham!

    ♥ V
    twitter: @gritandglamour

  3. Natalie said:

    She’s so cute, and you’re gorgeous!

  4. Marissa said:

    Aww – what a cutie! That fishy face photo is the best! I’m an only child, so these kinds of photos really tug at my heartstrings. Happy Thanksgiving, my dear!

  5. 11.24.10

    cute blog 🙂

  6. Diva Putri said:

    hahah im laughin when read your post, your little sister is so cute!
    wanna follow each other dear? if you dont mind 🙂

    little geek madame

  7. Claudia. said:

    Your sister is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUUUUTTEEEE!!! I was LoL-ing at these pics, esp at the mini-me one at the end! She reminds me of a little doll I had was little that blew little bubbles from her mouth after she drank from her bottle (she was called Sbrodolina, and her name basically implies what she does. Here is a pic- http://www.ilgiocattolo.it/images/prima_infanzia/sbrodolinaballerina.jpg)

    I found your blog through Nina’s The Style Gallery through a comment you left. I’m a new blogger, too, and I was really attracted to how open and friendly you seem. 🙂 I’ve just signed up to follow! 😀

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    *Claudia* x

  8. Jenni said:

    You look goooooorgeous my dear!!! Hope you’re having a perfect Thanksgiving!!! I can’t wait to get home and catch up on all my blogging! 😉

  9. kendallcrow said:

    This is so cute! Aren’t little siblings the best? and yay for Christmas shopping! I’m proud to say that I’m almost completely done getting everyone on my list their present and it’s not even December yet! I don’t know how I did it, but I’m so glad i did 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving doll!

  10. 11.28.10

    Your little sister is adorable! Don’t you just love spending time with little kids who still adore pink, tutus, and Disney movies?! (Well. . . I still love all those things, but. . .).

    I know I’m a bit late, so I hope you had a fabulous Turkey Day and I hope that 10 hour drive of yours goes alright!

    hearts and hugs,

  11. 11.28.10

    cute pictures!
    you look so beautiful.

    we are just starting a blog.
    please take a look if you can.
    i’m your follower now.
    please follow me back!

    tanks a lot!
    with love,

    Think Twicw

  12. Jenna said:

    AHHHH! Adorable, adorable, adorable!!!

    Totally loving your look and your sis. She is just the cutest. I especially love the pic where she is copying you 🙂

    And I know the busy feeling! Posts are becoming so far and few between these days. OH! And I still owe you an email…

    Grr. I need about 5 more hours in each day. Then I’d be SET.

    Semester’s end: Much more time to chat. Cannot wait!!! Have a fabulous evening, dear friend 🙂


  13. 11.30.10

    Aww, she’s so cute! And I LOVE your hair… so pretty & perfect! 🙂 Paris in Pink

  14. Erika said:

    I think we are all melting, girlfriennn. And did you tell everyone that this chica wears TUTU’s? New fashion icon right there.

    style activist

  15. Katie said:

    Cute pictures!

  16. 6.16.11

    they are so cute rissa!!!!
    thanks for commenting on my blog!!!!
    love all the pics you took!!!
    Rach (chick)



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