10 Apps You Need for 2014

I don’t know about you, but I use my iPhone for everything – literally everything. Sending payments? Yes. Scanning? You got it. Organization? Absolutely.  I’ll openly admit it’s my lifeline and if I didn’t have it I’d be an organizational mess. (cue: certain people saying “I told you so and blah blah..”) But if you’re like me and like convenience, speed, and ease when getting important business tasks done, then you’ll be so glad to get some of these apps for yourself. They’ve saved me time, money, trips to staples/the bank/and more, and keep my head screwed on straight on days when (I think) I’m going to lose it. As an entrepreneur and blogger, easy is so key in daily activities. So – read on and get downloading!

(Note: I also use many of these on my ipad + find that I like the ipad version better or ease of use too.)

1. Genius Scan – How many times do you get that dreaded email from a brand – “please sign said contract and send back”. I used to hate those emails since I don’t have a scanner at my home office or would be on the go an entire day unable to access one. Download Genius Scan and never have to worry about scanning a document again! You simply upload/take a photo of your document and it automatically edits it to appear *as if* it’s been scanned. Genius, right? 😉 You can then send the file as a .jpeg or .pdf – and it’ll save the file for you – double bonus!

2. SignEasy – SignEasy takes Genius Scan to the next level and allows you to sign documents right on your device – without having to scan a thing. Open the file on your ipad or iphone, sign your screen, and boom! You’re done. I use this app at least once a week to sign documents and papers for brands, clients, and more.

3. Shoeboxed – Shoeboxed is a small business owner or blogger’s dream. It stores all your receipts right on the app through snapshots of the receipt itself. You can add notes, reimbursements, and more. It also tracks your trips – including miles, mileage rates, and maps. You can also export all your receipt data!

4. Google Drive – I hadn’t used Google Drive until recently and don’t know why I waited so long. I put all necessary files I need in it and am able to access them from anywhere. Having this app on my iPhone/iPad enables me to pull up files quickly for clients or have access to them for a quick email.

5. Dropbox – I mostly use Dropbox for photos but keep it handy for the occasional file. It’s similar to Google Drive and is easy to share and send large photo files. I keep it on my phone so I have quick access to send photos for collaborations when I’m away from my computer.

6. Evernote – The organizational app of the universe. If you don’t have evernote, you need it NOW – on every device you own. It allows you to save, categorize, organize, tag, basically you name it, literally every single thing. Clip articles, photos, documents, emails, and more right into the app. Organize by notebook (for your blog, business, clients, hobbies..etc.) and tag every thing to find easily. Its uses are endless and I am quite sure I don’t even use it to it’s fullest extent. *love ipad version.

7. RewardStyle – If you’re a blogger using RS and don’t have the app yet (or use it regularly), you better hop on it, especially with the launch of LikeToKnow.it! It’s the easiest way to share links when you’re on your commute or have some down time and don’t necessarily want to sit on your computer. And now with the launch of LTK.it you can monetize all your instagrams (hello, amazing!).

8. Snapseed – the best photo editing app out there. I’ve tried so many but have stuck with snapseed for months now. I’m constantly getting asked what app I use for editing – so it must be doing something right! 🙂

9. Paypal – For obvious reasons. Check your account balance, send money, and even see what retailers near you now accept paypal.

10. Wells Fargo – (or your personal bank) Because we all need to keep up to date on our accounts. The WF app also allows you to make deposits now via your mobile device. Simply take a photo of your check and it will deposit it into your account. No more late night trips to the bank! (Yes, guilty).

I hope you find some of these apps useful as you revamp your business/blog/or even personal habits while we launch the new year. I’ve found each of these so helpful countless times that I couldn’t help but share them with you.

Do you have any apps you constantly use for organization and business purposes? Do share! 

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  1. 1.3.14

    Great picks! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to check a few of these out!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. Caroline said:

    These are great picks! One of my favorite apps for PhotoEditing is Afterlight. It has incredible filters for instagram and a lot of options when trying to fix photos!

    ~ Caroline

  3. BLovedBoston said:

    Thanks so much for this – especially Genius Scan…just downloaded this!!


  4. Dana said:

    so great! thanks for the tips. Rewardstyle is amazing, and I’ll have to try evernote and snapseed for sure! love it!


  5. Alyssa said:

    Thanks for sharing these! I was already using quite a few of them, but the document signing and scanning one is going to be a real life saver…I don’t know how I have survived without them!

  6. Laura said:

    That scanning app is just what I need – amazing! 🙂

  7. Melanie said:

    This one is excellent, love it!


  8. Geen said:

    Thank you! I am going to try Evernote. I use aviary for photo editing and love it!!



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