A Healthy Thanksgiving

Okay, I know what you're thinking.. how is it possible to have a healthy Thanksgiving? I just want to indulge!

I totally get it. I (used) to be that way too.. but after finding out I was celiac and needing to go gluten plus dairy free - the A-typical thanksgiving meal wasn't going to cut it anymore. So I set out to find the best of the best out there recipe wise that would be ever better than the traditional dishes I was used to.

Veteran’s Day Sales

Happy Friday, guys! Super excited for the weekend, it's been such a crazy week! I've rounded up some of the best sales - Veteran's Day is always a big shopping weekend so snatch up some of these goodies while you can! If you read my fall home decor post earlier this week, a bunch of the furniture items I shared are 40% off. Some of my cozy season pieces from Loft (40%off everything!), and go-to pieces from Nordstrom are also on sale.

Fall Home Decor Tour

Some of you may remember that back in mid-August, my apartment flooded and I ended up relocating to a different unit in my complex. Thankfully, the complex had an opening in my same building a few floors up for a unit identical to mine - with the exception that this new unit had a fireplace! I am so excited to have the fireplace here for the colder months (and have already used it a few times with the cold fronts we've had!), but it did pose some differences in my decor.

Holiday Style: Dressed Up Sweater

Green Sweater // Wide Leg Pants // Black Pumps // Gucci Bag

Am I actually talking about holiday anything (style) right now?! Halloween passes, we switch the clocks, and I feel like I'm in full on Christmas mode. I'm itching to take out my tree and decorate, but holding off for at least one more week - if I can make it...

When I was little, we'd always have the sparkliest dresses for our holiday parties, family get togethers and all of that.

Stowe Outfits + Weekend Sales!

I shared my Stowe Travel Guide earlier on the blog this week, and per all of your votes on instagram, am rounding up all my outfits in a separate post! The weather was absolutely gorgeous while we were in Stowe, so the outfits I packed worked perfectly. Light sweaters and some layers and I was good to go! Which look below is your favorite? I love the color palette in the first look below, but have a major crush on this Madewell cape (with armholes so it doesn't slide all over!