Who takes your photos?

My sister Jessica takes 95% of the photos that appear on the blog. If you’re interested in working with her, email me and I am happy to connect you with her!

What kind of camera do you use?

We use a Canon Rebel T3i with a 50mm lens.

How do you make your collages?

I use Photoshop. Other great options include Photoshop Elements or Polyvore if you don’t want to fully invest in photoshop.

I want to start a blog. What are some tips you have?

Starting a blog now can be difficult because there are so many blogs out there. My suggestion would be to have a definitive topic and mission and stick to that. Find something that is uniquely you that people can identify and remember you by. Invest in a high quality design and camera right away. The keys to being a successful blogger are consistency, imagery, and authenticity.

How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in February 2010 while I was in college. Since then, my blog has changed names and slight directions a few times, but I have always blogged for the same reason: I love it – which brings me to the next frequently asked question..

Why did you start your blog?

I wanted a creative outlet where I could write about anything I wanted. I had always kept a journal and thought an online space for my thoughts and interests would be cool – so decided to just start a blog one snowy night while in my college apartment. After about 2 years, blogging had started to grow and develop into it’s own industry. It was then that I knew I wanted it to be my full time job. I worked full time in sales at Nordstrom until I was able to take the blog full time while keeping some side consulting jobs up until August 2014. I currently now blog full time!