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28. Can I also apply for interim financial assistance if I have taken out a loan or if I receive a grant? Similarly, you must provide information about online accounts like Comdirect or financial transaction services like PayPal, Amacon Payments, etc., as long as the credit is available in the short term – or you must declare that you currently have no credit on those accounts. You will be informed by e-mail if and to what extent you can receive intermediate financial assistance after reviewing your application online. The package includes the largest joint loan to date by the Bloc`s 27 members and an initiative to send tens of billions of euros to the countries most affected by the virus, particularly heavily indebted Spain and Italy, both of which had requested significant financial support from the EU. The negotiations were stalled by wide differences of opinion on subsidies, credit and whether economic and financial reforms should dictate access to funds. The exceptions are savings contracts (e.g. B construction savings contracts) or other accounts to which you do not have access in the short term, such as for example. B rental bond account, other blocked accounts or fiduciary accounts. These are the only accounts you don`t need to send documents to. 35. If I find a job, if I received this temporary financial assistance, do I have to repay the money? 31.

This intermediate financial assistance from BMBF is an allowance. Will this allowance be deducted from my support to the BAföG? Does that mean I get less BAföG? No, and you confirm this by indicating on the application portal your approval of the support policies of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. These exclude a legal right. . . .

September 20, 2021

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