Workout Wear.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge workout girl. I do Crossfit 4 times a week, yoga 1-2 times a week, and run on days when the weather allows. I love being active and challenged in my workouts, constantly changing them up and trying new things. With the turn of the year, I started Crossfit, after wanting to join my local gym for nearly a year. (check – bucket list!) I also wanted to incorporate more stretching and flexibility movements – that’s where the yoga came in. Running is a form of relaxation for me. I love the invigorating thrill of a long run and the sense of accomplishment of capping my fastest mile or furthest distance. 
With lots of workouts comes the need to have quality workout gear. I am somewhat picky when it comes to my attire, typically sticking to gear that is fitted so it doesn’t get in my way. If I’m able to splurge, I’ll spend the bucks on Lululemon, Nike, or Under Armour. But the majority of my workout gear comes from Target (believe it or not, hehe). The C9 for Target line produces phenomenal pieces that are very affordable and long lasting. I have never once had an issue with any of their products and can purchase nearly twice as much gear since it’s a fraction of the price! 

Right now, I have a few favorites in my workout closet – let’s take a peek!

  • 1. Nike Women Sports Bra – this compression bra is incredibly comfortable. Sometimes I wear it around the house on days off just because. The awesome team at SIX:02 (a new, super cool personalized workout shopping boutique) sent me this to test out and I couldn’t be more pleased with the bra! If there’s no SIX:02 near you, these Nike babies are available at Nordstrom!
  • 2. Lululemon Workout Headband – I’m incredibly picky when it comes to my hair during a workout. My biggest pet peeve is fly aways or hairs that stick to my face (because yes, I sweat and sweat HARD.) so I’ve got to have a headband of some sort to keep my hair pushed back. I recently grabbed this Lululemon one and have been so pleased so far! It has the non slip grip on the inside + stays securely on my head.
  • 3. Mane Message Hair Ties – To go along with the headband, I’ve also got to have a hair tie that securely hold my hair and doesn’t cause breakage to my long locks. Enter Mane Message ties! I was kindly gifted these and have been really pleased with how well they hold my hair. They’re secure, but don’t pull my hair too tightly either. The Mane Message ties are easily stored on your wrist too, and are much prettier than the typical black scuncii ones we all so often wear. 
  • 4. C9 Running Capri – These are by far my favorite workout pant. They hit just about knee length and are fitted, so there’s no loose material to catch on my weights or get in the way of my downward dog. I’ve stocked up in loads of colors/prints and wear these nearly every day! A workout gear purchase that sure won’t disappoint.
So tell me, what are your favorite workout brands/pieces? Will you try any of these?
What workouts are you currently trying, loving, or hating? 

*Both the Nike sports bra + mane message ties are gifted items. Compensation not given. Opinions are my own (including those on the C9 Target line) based on personal experience and use of the products. 


  1. 4.2.13

    I love Target for workout gear as well. And Goody stretchy stay-fit headbands are my lifesaver. I can’t focus on anything besides my hair if it’s in my face. I want to try lulu lemon as well as other brands, but it’s so hard to justify the cost for something I’m going to get so sweaty in…I’m working on that though!

    Luci’s Morsels – fashion. food. frivolity.

  2. Nikki said:

    I have exercised for years, but I just recently realized how your workout clothes can affect your work out! I just started wearing compression leggings for running and they have changed my life. For real. I wear them now in yoga too sometimes. I have some that are Nike, but I have also found that the Old Navy ones are great too! It sounds weird to be so obsessed with pants, but I really am! So now I am on the hunt for the best workout clothes that won’t send me into debt! I hate how expensive they can be!


  3. Jamie said:

    Love Lululemon headbands. They seriously are the best. Hands down Nike for sports bras. Fit great and last forever.

    Great post!!

    Xo- jamie of Makeuplifelove .com

  4. Giovanna said:

    I have a few Target pieces to use for workouts! Love their pieces! They don’t disappoint!


  5. 4.4.13

    That sports bra is really cute. If you like headbands you should seriously try a BAMR band. Katie Heddleston (www.katieheddleston.com) makes them in a variety of cute patterns and they do NOT slip no matter the work out. Only $10 and part of that goes to charity. Just wanted to share in case you’re looking for any new headbans 🙂



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