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Whole 30 has been part of my health journey for several years now. In fact, this past January was my 5th go around at it. Believe it or not, my whole 30 posts were my most popular posts of 2016 – clearly, the health and wellness category is hot and one that we are all interested in. I wanted to cover Whole 30 while I was doing it, but other things took precedent. So instead of totally ignoring the coverage here, I figured I’d share things with you guys over the next few weeks – recipes, tips, FAQ, etc. I’m hoping to bring more health/wellness/fitness to Style Cusp overall so please leave feedback or ask questions on anything! 

Let’s get a few things out of the way first, so you guys have a good idea of where I’m starting from. I am a celiac (allergic to gluten) and have a dairy intolerance, hence my diet is not chock full of breads, pastas, oatmeal, protein concoctions, yogurts, creamer, and the list goes on. Since these foods aren’t in my diet, I have a much easier time cutting things out for cleanses or resets, like the #whole30. After my January 2016 Whole 30, I decided to eat primarily W30 on a consistent basis because I felt better, thought better, slept better.. you get the picture. I was just BETTER. I even had better workouts.

Before getting into sharing about my Whole 30 experience, I wanted to give you guys a little insight and challenge into what the program is and why you should give it a try.

If you aren’t familiar with Whole30, you can read all about it here

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that every single one of you should do whole 30. Actually, that’s hardly a limb because I actually believe that you should. It is life changing. …in all of the good ways that we’d want our lives to change. Eating healthy and fueling your body with foods that actually make it go is not a diet, a 21 day fix, a ‘let me drink smoothies for 2 weeks’ episode, a resolution that lasts for 9 days and flops – it’s a lifestyle. The sooner you get that integrated into your thinking, the sooner you’ll be on your way to a healthier, more vibrant version of you.

Let me just paint a picture for a second. You get a car, brand spanking new, shiny, under 100 miles on it. You’re so proud and so excited to drive that thing around town, to Target, to your gym, you name it. But let me ask you this – how is that car going to go? I’m sure you’re like, with gas.. duh, Marissa. Well yes, kudos to you – you’re smart. But hello, you need the right gas. Putting diesel in a gasoline car will wreck havoc on every system inside that car that makes it go. (Fact: my mom did that to my car when I was in high school…) You’ll consequently have to spend time & money getting your car filtered out and cleaned from the diesel to then be able to put the right gas in it.

Our bodies work the same way. You put in crap, that’s what you’ll get out. You give it the wrong foods, you’ll get a crazed, emotional mess of a person that has you standing in the mirror squishing your stomach complaining about that roll that just keeps getting bigger. Been there, done that. And I know you have too!

So why not say goodbye to that up and down lifestyle of feeling like a car that’s chugging, gasping for air, and running low on energy 97% of the time? I mean really, do you actually want to feel like that ALL the time? Some of us do, and we don’t even realize it. And that’s the scariest part. We’re so used to feeling like that run down version of us, that we don’t even know what the fueled up version of us is.

Whole 30 takes you from run down to fueled up. Your body filters out the junk, the build up, the bloat, the cravings, and transforms itself into a full functioning you. Doesn’t that sound at least little more appealing? Your body was made to run on the best of the best. We usually want the best of the best in other areas of the life, so shouldn’t we want the same for the one thing that’s most important?

I’m 100% not paid to write this (thought it might seem like it), I just believe in this ‘program’ above anything else to get your body on the right track. You eliminate all foods that can be ‘triggers’ for your body and eat clean, whole foods for 30 days. At the end of the 30 days you can keep going or, on a slow process, start to introduce the foods you eliminated to see how your body reacts. In essence, you’re being your own doctor by listening to your body and seeing what it says about what you’re putting in. Self diagnosis is a real thing and something that we should all do a little more of (within reason).

If you’re ready to take the plunge, you change your lifestyle, to become a better version of you starting with the inside, then join me as I share about my Whole 30 journey and experiences the next few weeks and let’s do this!
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  1. 2.8.17

    I purchased the book and The Mister and I are planning on doing this starting March 5 when we return from Mexico. I’ve seen so many bloggers who swears by Whole30 and has nothing but praise for it. So I am pretty excited to try it!


  2. Kim Pincombe Cole said:

    The link to ‘Opt In’ for Whole 30 updates isn’t working…

  3. 2.8.17

    Not going to lie, totally scared of doing Whole 30. I am a TERRIBLE eater, so jumping into something like this seems SO hard!

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