Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Picks

You gals know I love a good sale – and I know you love a good sale too! I’m sure tons of you already know about the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty BUT in case you don’t – let me spill the deets for you..

  • Ulta takes tons of the top/most loved beauty products by ladies like us and marks them down for 21 days.
  • Each day, there’s a few different products they mark down – it’s only available for that one day, so grab it while you can!
  • Products are marked up to 50% off the retail price!

If you follow me on instagram, then you may have peeped my stories earlier and saw that I ran to Ulta this morning to grab their sale products today before the snowstorm we’re expecting hits (it started flurrying on my way home!) To be honest, I haven’t been to Ulta a ton (I online shop like it’s my job) so it was a fun experience to head into the store and see things IRL as compared to on my computer screen.

I love that Ulta has a variety of brands – ranging from Anastasia, to drugstore favorites, and more natural focused lines like Juice Beauty. There’s truly something for everyone!

So! Let me show you what I grabbed..

Lots of GOODIES!

Today’s featured items are:

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water
Proactiv Skin Smoothing Exfoliator
Proactiv Emergency Blemish Relief.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water – this product is new to me and I’m so excited to try it! It’s free of silicone, alcohol, and added oils.. and you guys know I am all about being conscious about what goes onto my skin!
Regular price: $32 // Sale Price: $16

Proactiv Skin Smoothing Exfoliator – Proactiv was one of the first acne lines I ever used way back in 5th grade. They’ve since come out with tons more products and are available at more mainstream stores. I haven’t ever tried this Exfoliator, and have been in the market for a good exfoliator cleanser that I can use 1-2 times a week. I have really tough skin (so my aesthetician tells me!) and I need to constantly exfoliate to get the dead skin cells off and keep my skin fresh!
Regular price: $40 // Sale Price: $20

Proactiv Emergency Blemish Relief – I tried this product a few years back after grabbing it in NYC with one of the firms I work with and it is seriously magic. It’s perfect to bring when you’re traveling since it’s nice and tiny.. and I always feel like I get a blemish or two after sitting on a plane for hours. I take extra good care of my skin when traveling, but sometimes they still pop up! Thankfully this is literally the emergency relief that I usually need.. it’s seriously small enough to fit in a carry on or something if you need to spot treat right on a plane too! For the price, grab two bottles, you’ll thank me later!
Regular price: $20 // Sale Price: $10

A few other non sale goodies I picked up..

I honestly had NO idea that Ulta carried some of the brands that I spotted in store today! Kopari and Juice Beauty are two of them. As I mentioned up above and as you guys know, I’ve been really conscious about what I put in and on my body, trying to use as many natural, safe, and nontoxic products as possible. I was so happy when I found them in Ulta and both with great selections of their product lines.

I first discovered Kopari Beauty products about a year ago and have been obsessed since. I’ve tried their Cleansing oil, Coconut Rose Toner, Face Cream, and Coconut Melt (shown above). The products are INCREDIBLE – both for their natural/purity standards and how they make my skin feel. I don’t use them every single day, but I use them multiple times a week. I especially love using the coconut melt in the summer after a day at the beach! I really want to try the coconut crush scrub next!

PSSST – there’s a Kopari product included in the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty, coming up on March 28th!

Second, Juice Beauty. I absolutely love their stance on all organic products/ingredients and their products are the real deal. I’ve only tried a few, but Ulta had a huge selection in the store! I grabbed the eye repair patches and the eye wrinkle cream. I’ve also heard amazing things about their green apple mask + want to try that! They also have an organic mascara and I’ve been looking for a more natural one.. anyone ever tried that?!


Today’s post was created in partnership with Ulta.


  1. 3.22.18

    Love this post Marissa! I have DEFINITELY been checking out Ulta’s awesome sales going on right now! Looking forward to trying out some of your suggestions 🙂

  2. jess said:

    Yasss! That Smashbox setting spray is my favourite!



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