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I am so excited to finally share a little bit about our trip to Cancun a few weeks back.
I had lots of questions about our resorts over on instagram so hope to answer those here for you!


Our first stop was the Moon Palace Resort and Spa, and it’s just as beautiful in person as it is in the photos. The resort is set away from the popular strip of hotels and resorts in Cancun and in a cluster of other Palace Resorts. It is all inclusive with tons of great restaurants and a international buffet that’s open nearly all day long. My sister and I enjoyed dinner at the Mexican restaurant our first night and then headed over for dinner at the resort golf course the second – highly recommend! Moon Palace also releases baby turtles into the ocean one a year and this happened to be the night we were there. I wish I had some photos of this incredible experience, but no flash was allowed and it takes place at night!


We woke up really early for the sunrise one morning which was such a treat. The resort was completely dead so we enjoyed a bit of quiet before the busyness of the day got started. The sun rises on this side and it is just beautiful over the ocean!


Moon Palace is an excellent resort if you’re looking for a good family destination or traveling with a larger group. It’s a bit more ‘lively’ than other resorts and has an array of activities, classes, and shows going on pretty much all day. The only downside was the large amount of seaweed on the beach that left quite a stench in the air. The hotel staff is constantly clearing this throughout the day, but the smell is quite strong (I’d liken it to a low tide smell). One of the locals told us that there’s a seaweed reef nearby, creating the plethora on the beach.


Our second stop was the La Blanc Resort, and this was definitely our favorite of the two. While it’s still in the Palace Resorts group, it is entirely different from Moon Palace. It’s still all inclusive but is adults only! I’d highly recommend this location if you’re looking for a spot that’s more relaxing and serene – think honeymoon or a trip with your best girlfriend to unwind. The entire hotel is a dreamy white and upon entering the staff greets you with a cool towel to wash your hands. It has several pools and an incredible spa on the lower level. We didn’t get to any of the services there, but took a peek inside and it’s definitely on our list for next time!


The beach in front of Le Blanc was much more usable than Moon Palace – the seaweed issue wasn’t nearly as bad and the beach was twice as large. We took a few walks down the beach and had no issues, with hardly any smell. Plus, how fun are these grass huts to sit under?


We also absolutely loved the infinity pool that overlooked the ocean. It was such an incredibly beautiful view! We spent quite a bit of time swimming over with a cool cocktail in hand for a refreshing dip from the heat. The pool staff was also incredible and so sweet. You can order drinks from the swim up bar or have a light meal delivered to you poolside – which we did a few times!

Our favorite part of Le Blanc was the aromatherapy available in the room. We came back from dinner every night to a relaxing scent we had picked out earlier in the day – we usually went with Lavender since it’s so peaceful to fall asleep to. We also ordered the aromatherapy pillows which smelled divine and I swear I slept better having the lavender pillow too! My sister and I both kept saying how much we needed those at home.

I highly recommend both of these resort destinations part of the Palace Resorts group – the staff was so incredible and accommodating, the restaurants featured amazing service and delicious food, and both resorts were kept impeccable for guests. Depending on what type of trip you’re going on or with who, I would just choose accordingly. If you have any other questions that I didn’t cover here – please feel free to send me an email!


Thank you so much to Priceline and Palace Resorts for our incredible stay. 



  1. Natali said:

    Beautiful photos!!

  2. Ally said:

    My husband and I stayed at Le Blanc a few years ago and their spa is incredible! Definitively worth checking out. Glad you had a fabulous time!

    Xo Ally

  3. Kelly said:

    Love that turquoise water!

  4. Helena said:

    Your photographs are wonderful, I love your guide.



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