Suit For Specific Performance Of An Oral Agreement

… 1. Listen. The petitioner filed an appeal 12 of 1995 for sale against the opposing party for practical application of an oral agreement. On 25.6.2001, the petitioner filed a petition to… the specific execution of the alleged agreement on his behalf as the sole plaintiff and now said Vijay Kumar Sarangi could not be added as a civil party, In this appeal for the… the alleged agreement, there was no reason to ask with interest for a decree for the recovery of the case 22,620.75 paise.2. To the extent that the proposed amendment needs to be corrected, from the date… The relief invoked by the petitioner in the appeal is one of the concrete achievements of an oral agreement on the reintroducation of the property, concluded on 26.1.1978 and 1.4.1982. the actual performance of a contract cannot be imposed with the disgust of the petitioner. It is also indisputable that the petitioner requested a request to amend the written application for … in the application, the petitioner does not respect his availability and availability, his share of the contract and in accordance with p.

16 (c) of the specific discharge law, among which … …. 2. The respondent applicants filed a 2011 O.S. 48 Order for the specific execution of an alleged oral agreement of 01.11.2009, in order to offer the respondents a length of 12 feet… only if the verbal agreement (presumed) is accepted and the court issues a decree for a specified benefit. Until then, there is no reason why property belonging to petitioners and other defendants… Commission of Inquiry to measure the property of petitioners and other defendants and identify the 12-foot path (on which they stated that there was a verbal agreement on 01.11.2009). This application was… Requests from both parties. The applicant brought this action for “specific enforcement of the oral agreement.” This is the case of the defendant who entered into a development agreement… The particular performance of the contract is an action between the parties of the contractor.

It cannot be enlarged to turn the same into a title and possession lawsuit.

April 12, 2021

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