Smoothie Bar // Kale-Berry Smoothie

This week’s edition of ‘the smoothie bar’ is one of my go-tos: lots of greens and some yummy, fresh berries. Kale is a major component of any of my smoothies (just wait, you’ll see!) and I just love berries for loads of reasons – one of them being that they’re high in antioxidants. After I blended this one up, I realized I unintentionally had made it a “pb+j” smoothie by way of the flavors blending together. So for the little peanut butter and jelly loving kid in you, this’ll hit just the right spot!

This PB+J combo is kind of the whole package: the chia + flax add some fiber, sunbutter boosts the protein, and the coconut milk gives a decadent smooth, creamy texture. I typically make sure that the greens compose over half of my smoothie, with fruit + other add ins about 30%. If you need to adjust to the taste of kale, need something more “neutral”, or just simply don’t have kale on hand, just substitute spinach – it will do just fine!

I have also gotten into the habit of blending my greens before any other smoothie components. This 1) leaves more room in your blender and 2) gets a smooth base (especially if you’re using kale) before mixing in a load of other ingredients. Pour half the coconut milk in with the kale and blend before adding the remaining ingredients. 

I found this ‘green smoothie‘ article on MindBodyGreen and just couldn’t help but share. It’s a great resource with loads of information + nutrition/smoothie tips. I refer to this a lot when building my smoothies and deciding what to put in, especially on those mornings that I’m just lacking creativity and need some major fuel. It’s definitely one of those bookmark-worth articles that will help you as you build your smoothie repertoire!

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Remember to weigh in with your smoothie questions or mystery ingredients that you just don’t know how to blend for a chance that they’ll be featured on next week’s smoothie bar post!

*The Smoothie Bar is a series created by Marissa of Style Cusp dedicated to sharing weekly smoothie recipes featuring ingredient inspiration, recipe favorites, and reader weigh ins. Interested in contributing or have a smoothie suggestion/question? Send to stylecusp (at) gmail (dot) com or leave a comment below!


  1. Looks yummmay!

  2. 4.19.13

    i made some of these for my little guy!!! yum! and i snuck a few sips too! 😉

    Sandy a la Mode

  3. Emily Joy said:

    I want to try that one! It looks so good!

  4. 4.21.13

    I’ve never had Kale – I know, seriously need to get with it!! But now I definitely want to try it! Looks amazing! x



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