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If you don’t know, well now you’re about to know – you can shop my instagrams! I have been using since it first launched way back in the beginning of the year and it has been so helpful for readers & followers to locate items I share on my instagram feed. Lots of you are already signed up but some of you aren’t sure how it works so I’m going to break it down nice and easy:

1. SIGN UP! It’s super easy. You connect your instagram & email via

2. LIKE IT! Like a photo that has the www.liketkit./ #liketkit tag.

3. SHOP IT! Once you are signed up and like photos with the tag, you’ll receive emails with the photo you’ve liked and all corresponding products to easily click through and shop them, right from your email inbox.

Basically, I’ve done all the ‘hunting for the item’ work for you and you’re free to just shop. You can also set the emails to come as soon as you like the photo, once a day, or once a week – that way you aren’t getting tons of emails if you’re liking lots of photos.

So, now you know. I highly encourage and suggest that you sign up for LTK. I’ll be sharing tons of holiday content both here and on my instagram, some of which you’ll only be able to shop through – don’t miss out!



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