Saying Goodbye to Google RSS

As most of you know (I’m sure) Google is doing away with this RSS feed in just a few short weeks. But what about all those blogs I follow, you ask? Don’t worry! So many of us bloggers are on bloglovin’ – a feed I’ve personally used since I started blogging. I’m able to organize all the blogs I follow into categories and once they’re read, they’re marked ‘read’ and disappear. It’s become one of my first clicks in the morning and is so easy to manage with all of my favorite blogs right in front of me!

A Few Steps on What to do:

Hope this helps! If you have any questions or are unsure how to follow a blog through bloglovin’ shoot me an email. Also, it’s not confirmed that GFC will disappear too, but without the RSS reader, there’s nowhere for the blogs you subscribe to to show up!


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