Presentations + the Self Portrait Project!

Goodness, today’s post is a long time coming – I have been running around all day, playing catch up with emails, arguing with verizon about how awful my phone is + running my sickly sisters to the doctors. To be quite plain and simple: I miss NYC!

The day following the Lucky Mag conference was eventful, but not over the top – exactly how it should have been. I spent much of the day just reflecting on how incredible the day at Lucky was; it truly felt like a dream. Kendall, Erika, Christine, and I woke up, readied ourselves, and then headed out for a day full of foodie + fashiony adventure!

Our first stop was Chelsea Market, easily one of my favorite little corners of the city – it’s a quaint yet trendy section of the Meatpacking district that offers countless restaurants full of delectable sweets, fresh ensaladas, and the biggest sandwiches you’ve ever seen. We enjoyed a yummy lunch and then (of course) found ourselves at a sample sale in one of the open units there. I scored a Kill City leather top, paint splashed blouse, and a trusty LBD! (stay tuned for these coming in a post soon!)

A common sight – part of your BNO team twittering + texting away in a cab!

We then headed off to the Maisonette 1977 presentation – by far one of my favorite showings of the week. The pieces were absolutely jaw-dropping gorgeous, so creative, and completely wearable by any lady. I just couldn’t get enough of the colors (a mix of neutrals and whites, teals, pinks, and purples) played so prettily with so many textures (jacquard, lace, and silks) We even got to meet and chat with the designer herself! Thanks to the lovely VPR gals Camila, Susan, and Anna for inviting us. 🙂 We love you!

I fell in absolute love with this blazer!
These gorgeous shorts are inspired from a picture Maisonette (the designer) took while in Paris.
If you look closely, you’ll recognize the Eiffel Tower!
If I could have these shorts, I’d wear them every day – they were to.die.for.
Total girl crush on these pink harem-ish pants.

After Maisonette, Erika + I headed over to the Gretchen Jones presentation. For any of you Project Runway fans, yes, this is the same Gretchen Jones! Her collection was incredibly bright, cheerful, and just reminded me of laughing in the springtime – isn’t that what all SS collections should do? I loved the mixes of patterns and bright colors with denim and flowy dresses. Her line was Mexi-inspired, which you really could see and even feel through her pieces. She had a lovely little band playing live music, with a cute cocktail bar in which we fully indulged our cottony dry mouths with. A day running around the city makes you quite thirsty!

Andy Lin, the photographer behind the Self-Portrait Project, was also at the Gretchen Jones presentation. Attendees had the opportunity to stand in front of a large mirror, hold a remote, and then snap their own photog – seriously, probably the most genius photobooth I have ever been “in”! Who doesn’t love to actually see their own facial expression BEFORE the photo is taken? Thank you Andy for sending us these photos – I adore them!

I have an outfit post to accompany this day – but we will save that for tomorrow morning after I wake up and ask myself one more time if last week was really real or if it was a total dream.. cause I’m still not quite sure.



  1. Kate said:

    Aw, those last 4 photos are so cute! What a neat idea! You girls looked fabulous!

  2. 9.15.11

    Your outfit is killer! I’m such a fan of purple and best friend photo booths 🙂 And I completely know how you feel about NYC- it’s so weird not to be running around cobble stone streets, hailing cabs and having too much fun!


  3. 9.15.11

    YAY love our photobooth pictaaaas! Such fun 🙂

  4. 9.15.11

    Love those photos at the bottom of you and Erica! You are both so beautiful 🙂 x

  5. 9.15.11

    Oops…Erika…sorry! 🙂 x

  6. 9.15.11

    Oo those pink harem pants by Maisonette are gorgeous! I haven’t heard of this brand before so I’m off to do a little exploring.

    Good that you got to visit Chelsea Market too, I love that place, they have a gorgeous cupcake store there (probably not the best temptation in fashion week, I might add!)

    Sadly I was unable to attend Bloggers Night Out but friends told me it was a fabulous event and well attended. Well done on the hard work.


  7. 9.15.11

    Love the photo-booth shots of you 2…so cute!! xo



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