Nordstrom Anniversary Sale // What You Need to Know


Ahh.. the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – it is the real life Christmas in July girlfriends, and I’d be lying if I said I’m not just as excited as I am on Christmas morning. I’m sure you’ve seen about 864 facts about ‘make sure you do this’ and are sitting there overwhelmed — and the sale hasn’t even started. Girl, I get it.

So, let’s get down to the basics, and cover just the stuff that you really need to know. Because the last thing we need is overbuying out of excitement or not buying out of frustration. I worked at Nordstrom for 3 years – so you can consider this girl seasoned on every side of this sale as possible! So grab a cup of coffee or your favorite juice and let’s get to it..



WHAT IS IT? – Nordstrom holds an annual ‘Anniversary Sale‘ that features exclusive products for the next fall/winter season by tons of our favorite designers. Typically sales occur after a season has passed, however Nordstrom is the one retailer that puts together this sale for it’s loyal customers.

WHEN IS IT? – There’s a few key dates you need to know. If you’re a Nordstrom Card Holder (more details below), you can shop the sale starting this Thursday, July 13. The first week of the sale is reserved for Nordstrom’s loyal customers and typically the best items fly off the shelves during this first week. The second key date is Friday, July 21. This is the day the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens to the public for shopping, in store and online. Consider this day the Black Friday of August. It’s a mad dash to get the good items still in stock from the Early Access period. Last date to know? Sunday, August 6. This is the absolute last day to shop the sale, cardholder or not. After August 6th, Nordstrom marks up all the pieces to regular pricing that have been on sale for Anniversary. If you snooze, you lose!

HOW DO I SHOP IT? – There’s two ways to shop the Anniversary Sale. In order to shop the sale starting July 13th, you must be a Nordstrom Card Holder. Now before you go x’ing out this window saying ‘welp, I’m not and I don’t want a credit card’ — just wait! Nordstrom launched a debit option a few years back that connects right to your checking account. In other words, you’re a cardholder without the obligation of credit! I have both the credit and debit card, and love using the debit when I just need a quick thing or two – it helps me keep track of my finances so much better than charging large purchases for items I don’t really need. Become a Nordstrom debit or credit cardholder here. If you really aren’t interested in either option, then you can wait until July 21 to shop the sale when it opens to the public. But remember – the good items sell out by then!

DO I NEED ANY COUPONS? – Nope, girl you just shop! BUT – Nordstrom did just extend their rewards program to any and all customers – if you join the rewards program Nordstrom will automatically gift you a $10 note to shop with. Free money to shop with – yes, please! Signing up is easy and free, with no credit/debit card required. If you sign up TODAY, you’ll receive an automatic $10 rewards certificate to use towards any purchase during the Anniversary Sale. For every dollar you spend, you receive 1 point, and those points in turn create rewards cash to use at Nordstrom!



Here’s the thing. Sales are great – especially the Anniversary sale. But just because something is on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. We’re always tempted by that % off tag, but later regret a purchase or find something smashed in the back of our closet that’s never been worn. Every year during the #NSale, I purchase at least one investment piece. Typically it’s a Vince coat since they’re marked down 40% or more. I may also grab some fall staples/basics that are cheaper from the trend or BP department like v-necks or tunics since I replace those every season anyway.

I recommend taking inventory of what your fall/winter wardrobe looks like and figuring out what you need. From there, make a quick list of some pieces you’re lacking or needing to be replaced. That way you can easily search and shop for items without impulse buying.


Aside from investment pieces or basics, here’s some items you should definitely consider snapping up during the sale.

  • Designer Bags – when I worked at Nordstrom our bags department consistently ranked in the top department in the store’s sales during the NSale. Bottom line, the designer bags GO, and go fast. If you’re coveting that Chloe or Kate Spade bag, don’t wait. Worst case you buy it and end up returning afterwards!
  • Watches/Jewelry – Michael Kors, Michele, and more usually offer a style or two during the sale. These designers rarely go on sale! You’ll also see Bona Levy on sale (aka diamonds.) This was also a huge department at my store!
  • Outerwear – Like I mentioned above, I always buy a Vince coat during the sale. T Tahari, Mackage, Theory, Joie, and Rag and Bone are just a few big names that will be featuring staple outerwear on sale this year.
  • Shoes/Athletic -I worked in the Women’s Shoe department and my customers consistently purchased 3-4 pair at least during the sale. And you know what was pretty much a staple in each of their purchases? Nike. Nike is a HUGE brand for Nordstrom and they create exclusive styles in a limited inventory just for the sale. In other words, you’ll be the cool girl on the block with kicks no one else will have. Other brands to look out for: Stuart Weitzman, Rag and Bone, Sam Edelman, Vince Camuto, Frye, Hunter, and Ugg.. to name just a few!



I scour the preview catalog that Nordstrom sends from cover to cover at least 10 times to figure out exactly what I’m interested in. The catalog doesn’t show everything, but this gives a good idea of what will be available. They didn’t have a huge handbag selection in the catalog this year so I’m curious to see what other designers will have something included! I also work with a brand that has pieces in the sale but none were in the catalog – I got my hands on a few a little early and they are good! 😉 Here’s what’s on top of my list this year:

  • Designer Denim – I’m especially loving the selection from AG Jeans.
  • Nikes – because who wouldn’t buy Nikes way on sale..
  • Long Cardigans – my cardigans from the last few years have seen better days + there’s tons of cozy options in the sale.
  • Vince Sweater/Coat – always my staple buy as I mentioned before, Joie also usually has great pieces.
  • Boots/Booties – the BEST time to buy the season’s hottest boots/booties. The over the knee + everyday casual options this year are on point!
  • Hanky Panky – these are the only panties I wear and the only time I buy them! They’re $10 less per pair during the sale. Stock up, gals!
  • Halogen Cashmere – I am a sucker for a cozy cashmere wrap or sweater. Halogen has an amazing wrap included in the sale this year that’s under $100. Sold.


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