My Everyday Makeup Routine

Okay wow – this post is loooong time coming + also heavily requested. I have never been a huge beauty gal, but I guess this is something you guys are all really interested in regardless + I’m more than happy to share my routine with all of you!

To start, you guys know I try to make as conscious decisions as possible when it comes to my products – whether they’re beauty, makeup, household, cleaning, you name it.. I’ve made lots of natural swaps in my home the last 2 years, and haven’t looked back! My makeup drawer is no exception. The reason why is because there are a ton of harmful and horrible ingredients in our beauty products – the average woman walks out the door in the morning with over 300 chemicals applied to her body (from makeup, to perfume, hair products, lotions, etc.) The more I dove into this, the more I realized how my body was being affected by these things without me even REALIZING, which was scary!

I’ll do another post soon about other body/beauty products I’ve swapped out (like deoderant and all that!) but want to stick to makeup here for you all.

If you are even the slightest bit curious about what kind of junk is in mainstream makeup that SHOULDN’T be… then read this quick little list:

So now that we have that out of the way.. my goal has been to use products that have as little as any of these as possible or really, none of them. I don’t want to get in to what each of them are/do, but just do a quick google search of any of the above and you’ll find that they do everything from cause acne, to disrupt sleep + hormones, to cause major illnesses + cancer. All I’m saying is if we put makeup on our faces everyday, then we’re exposing ourselves to TONS of junk, all the time, for hours and hours! That was enough for me to wake up and make some switches.

For the most part, I chose + use Young Living’s 100% natural + non toxic mineral makeup line called Savvy Minerals – the word mineral is catchy SO BE CAREFUL! Just because something says ‘mineral’ doesn’t mean it’s good or better for you. This line launched about two years ago and it has been a GAME CHANGER for my skin.

You guys always ask me how/why my skin is so smooth and clear, and this is truly one of the secrets: switching to Savvy Minerals. I will be sharing my whole skincare routine soon so you can hear about that, but makeup has been a huge factor in keeping my skin clear. I used to suffer from horrible acne (I have some photos from the past) and have thankfully cleared my skin with a few different switches that started from the inside out. But, after just a few months using Savvy Minerals, I noticed a huge difference in the texture of my skin. My pores weren’t clogged and my skin didn’t feel bumpy. I also didn’t need to exfoliate as much (because my skin wasn’t getting backed up with junk!)

One thing I noticed immediately is how breathable the makeup is – do you ever apply makeup and feel like your skin is just caked shut? That’s how I used to feel (and I used “mineral makeups” before this..) Slathering on a liquid foundation filled with junk ingredients on the daily is not good for your skin, ladies!

Okay, so let’s dive into it.. and chat my entire routine for you!


To start, I apply one of the following:

  1. Art Sheerlume cream (this stuff is BOMB. it is infused with a ton of skin supporting oils and smells like heaven. It also brightens my skin like no other). EVERY single time I apply this before my makeup, I get compliments on how glowing my skin looks. Every. Single. Time. This is from Young Living by the way!
  2. Mattifying Primer – I also get this from YL (one of their newer products!!). They also have a hydrating primer so just pick what’s best for your skin type. I have both, but primarily use the mattifying since I have more normal-oily skin. And I usually only use the primer if I’m going out at night on a date, have an event, function, etc…


Ok total disclaimer – I do not like full coverage makeup. I do not want to look like I’m on a stage or in a wedding every single day.. which I know is probably not the norm with a lot of the bloggers you all follow! I don’t use makeup to ‘cover up’ my face but rather use it to enhance my skin’s natural tons and face’s features.

  1. On the daily, I use the Savvy Minerals Warm 2 foundation. It’s a loose powder and provides medium coverage but is extremely buildable, so if I want more coverage, I just go over my face or certain spots again. In the summer or months when I’m tan, I bump it up to the Warm 3. This foundation comes in a variety of colors + is super easy to match to your skin type.. I even mix the colors too when I’m in the ‘in between’ skin tone stage.
  2. I also have the Tarte Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer and use this if I want/need more coverage – but honestly have not used this in awhile since my skin has been so smooth + clear.. it’s really not needed. If I have a problem spot, I might use a dab of this and then go over it with the Savvy foundation!


  1. Tarte Shape Tape – the REAL MVP, can I get an amennnnn! This stuff is literally amazing + I am sure tons of you already use this. I apply about 3 dots to my under eye and then blend in with my beauty blender. I usually only use this for date night, events, church, etc…
  2. On the daily, I use the Savvy Minerals Cool 1 foundation powder – this is super light (in color) so it brightens my under eyes + is not too overpowering for an easy daily makeup look! There’s also a few hacks I know a few girls do – like combine this powder with the YL diaper rash cream (sounds crazy but it’s actually AMAZING for supporting your skin!!) and it creates a nice pasty powder that is the perfect concealer!


I like my makeup to look natural, like I just came in from a day in the sun. Glowy, dewy, and sunkissed tons. So the colors and things I use are pretty much all golden, tans, natural tones!

  1. To achieve this, once I apply my base/foundation/concealer, I take the Savvy Minerals Dark 3 powder and lightly dust all over my face with just the smallest amount of powder. Nothing crazy, but enough to give my skin a little ‘glow!’


I stick to coral toned blushes – they look best on me! I don’t really like pinks since my skin has reddish undertones and I think they usually bring that out too much.

  1. I primarily use the Savvy Minerals Blush in ‘Serene‘ – LOVE this color so much! I also got the ‘I Do Believe You’re Blushin’ at first, but it’s more shimmery and I prefer a matte blush for everyday. This is a loose powder!
  2. I also have + LOVE the Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in ‘Captivating – it’s very similar in color to the savvy minerals one, but this is a solid so it applies a little differently – sometimes I layer the two and love the pretty color it adds to my cheeks!


I use my bronzer more as a contour (because remember I use the dark foundation color as a ‘glow’.. I apply it right under my blush line/under my cheekbones, along the bridge of my nose, and then across the top of my forehead. I use the Savvy Minerals Summer Loved powder + it is the PERFECT bronzer color. Honestly, best bronzer shade I have ever used. before this, I used a NARS bronzer, but this color beats it wayyyy out of the park!


My eyebrows are microbladed, but I do touch them up and fill in any spots that need it using the one and only Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil. I swear by her line + it’s all I’ve used for the last 5+ years! I follow it up with her Brow Gel too to keep those babies in place!


I’ve never been a huge eyeshadow girl, but lately I’ve been more into wearing it and this might be one of the things you guys have asked about the most when it comes to my makeup routine!

  1. First, I use the Urban Decay Eyelid Primer – can’t get away from this stuff, it is magic and works incredibly. I swipe a bit on my lids and let it settle then apply my eyeshadow!
  2. Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow Palette – I honestly got this palette just for two colors (how often do we do this #forreal ha) – Elegant + Charm. Elegant is one of my main go to’s, and sometimes I’ll mix the two and wear them together.
  3. Savvy Minerals Eyeshadow Powders – I have about 10 different powders and love them all – the colors are GORGEOUS. My favorite thing about these powder is they are so buildable. One quick layer goes on and is nice and light, but you can apply more to make it thicker/darker/more pigmented for an entirely different look. MY favorites are Determined, Times Square, and Inspired.

Of all the powders, the ones I wear the most are Elegant (from the palette) and Determined (powder). Usually when you guys ask about my eyeshadow I am wearing one of these two!


Okay, I am a mascara snob (but really, who isn’t?!) and am super picky when it comes to what I put on my lashes! I layer a few different mascaras, starting with a primer first!

  1. Primers: I have used the Dior Maximizer, Lancome Primer, and most recently using/trying out the Tarte Opening Act. I think I like the Dior Maximizer the best, but the Tarte is really good too + is a ‘cleaner’ option for sure!
  2. My first coat is always always Maybelline Falsies – I have used this since college (over 10 years) and it’s my tried and true mascara. I don’t think I could ever part with it!
  3. Right now, I’m using the Mia Adora Natural Fibers mascara combo + really like it! I found this brand through a friend – it’s paraben + SLS free, and the fibers are made from 100% green tea (how cool is that?!) It lengthens and adds a ton of volume to my lashes so well!
  4. After I do the Mia Adora, I usually follow it with another coat of the Maybelline Falsies to seal the deal.
  5. Pro tip: for gorgeous, long, thick lashes… skip the scary lash serums on the market and opt for a natural lash growth serum! I use my Young Living oils (lavender + cedarwood) along with castor oil and apply a thin line along my lashes at night. It truly works!! Note: I wouldn’t use cheap/crap oils because you have no idea what’s in them (aka don’t buy your oil on amazon, at target, etc!)
  6. Young Living does have a mascara and I use it occassionally. I feel like it’s a little clumpy for my liking and I am SUPER picky about mascara brushes, so it’s just been my preference to use the above options!
  7. For my fake lashes – I honestly love wearing these for date nights, special occasions, holidays, etc. I’ve gotten pretty good (I would say) at applying them now that I wear them more frequently! I use the Ardell Lashes (only ones I will use!) either the natural or the wispies + apply them with the Tarte Tarteist Pro Lash Adhesive! I also reuse my lashes a ton since I usually only wear them for a few hours – I try to get like 10 uses out of one pair so I’m not constantly replacing them all the time!


  1. Bobbi Brown Art Stick Liquid Lip – this is my all time faaaaave. I use the color Naked Pink + this is by far my most worn lip color! Bobbi Brown sent these to me awhile ago, and I have a bunch of shades but pretty much always wear this one! I can only find this on the Bobbi Brown website right now, which is making me nervous that it’s being discontinued + now I’m running off to order 10 bottles..
  2. MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor – I actually just started wearing this color this week. I’ve tried it on before but wasn’t a fan, but realize I just needed a tan to pull it off ha! It’s a pretty coral color + it freaking lasts.. it was still on my lips hours later (which sometimes freaks me out that something is on my lips that long, ha!)
  3. Savvy Minerals Glosses – okay of course I wear these! I have Embrace (nude/neutral), Abundance (pinkish), and Anchors Away (coral). I wear all of them pretty much on the reg, just depends on what I’m wearing.
  4. Savvy Minerals Lipsticks – I have a TON of these, but use the color ‘Siren’ the most. I love this one for date night or a night out – it’s dark and super moody. The first time I wore it my guy was like all #hearteyes emoji over there so I’d say it’s a winner 😉
  5. For liner, I use the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Lip pencils + have a ton of different colors.. mostly the nudes, tans, pinks, etc and just pair them with whichever lip color goes best!

For brushes, I bought all of the Young Living brushes + use them and they are honestly the best brushes I have ever used. SOFT beyond anything, clean up so well, and really durable. Also, since most of the makeup I use is from YL + is a certain type of powder, I wanted to use brushes that were made for the makeup so that it went on best if that makes sense!

For all the Young Living products above (I can’t link them with the other products) – but you can purchase a starter bundle of makeup (with your foundation type) that comes with a foundation, blush, eyeshadows, foundation brush, and a few other things + then add on whatever you want from there! That’s what I did. The entire line is very affordable + comparable to any other line you’d find in Sephora, Ulta, etc.


  1. Sandra said:

    Marissa, Thank you for taking the time and putting this post together. It’s very detailed. I’ve bought a lot of Saavy in the last few months because of your recommendations. I’ve seen the improvement in my skin but still have a way to go. Can’t wait till you share your full skincare! 😘

  2. Sandra Rivas said:

    Thank you for taking the time to put this together! I have bought so many of your Saavy recommendations in the last few months. I love them! Just added some new items to my ER order. Can’t wait for your skincare post!



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