When you DO

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had wonderful, relaxing weekends. I was pretty packed from start to finish but on a positive note, our temps went a bit higher here (yay).
This weekend’s motivation is as much for me as it is for you all – I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like I’m hitting a wall in a lot of ways. I feel lazy, like I have 100 ideas but don’t want to sit down and execute them. To be honest, things have been a bit slower on the business side lately and maybe I’ve been sitting sulking in my own production (or lack thereof). As things have slowed down, I have too, and rather than going out to make things happen, I’ve been sitting down ‘thinking’ about them happening. 
Starting a business is tough. Seriously tough guys! Working from home is tough too. It sounds glamorous and I’m sure you see 167 photos a day on instagram/other social media that make it look pretty awesome. But, honestly? I barely see the top of my desk most days, keeping track of finances is a royal pain, and managing projects and clients takes work, organization, and more work and organization. 
Don’t get me wrong, I love it – I really do. I would rather deal with all of the challenges that come with being an entrepreneur than not doing something I love. 
But, here’s the catch — your life, your job, your blog, your business.. whatever it is. It only gets better when you DO. Not when you sit, not when you think, not when your procrastinate. Yes, take breaks – get reinspired, disconnect when you need to. But find a happy medium, and just DO. 


  1. 3.18.14

    I’m with ya! On all accounts. Love your motivation Mondays.

  2. ROSA DIANA said:

    Great motivation!



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