Motivation Monday // Vibes

Motivation Monday2


Happy Monday, all! This weekend was pretty rough – I was holed up in bed with the stomach bug and still feeling the affects today… phew!

I guess I’m really in tune with this whole encouraging-good vibes thing lately – as you all should be too. I think it’s safe to say we have enough debbie downers, complainers, discouragers, and the list goes on..

Let’s face it – we all have stress. We all have a tough time with something. Our lives aren’t going to be pretty sunsets, fluffy tulle skirts, and perfect instagram feeds all the time. I promise you that even the people you think have ‘perfect’ lives don’t, that they struggle with something every single day just like you. That’s perfectly okay and normal.

Maybe you’re stressed because the 10 blog projects you’re working on are all due within a 3 week span of each other. Or your hairdresser chopped your bangs right before your engagement photos. Maybe you’re a designer and your lookbook shoot went awful – now what?! Or you’re a mom and you never have dinner ready at a decent time – ever. Or you’re like me and trying to juggle a part time job, full time blog, and full time consulting business – yes that’s real life, and sometimes I feel like pulling my hair out but we all know that would be tragic if I lost my hair sooo, I don’t..

All of that is LIFE. But here’s my thing — if our day to day responsibilities, activities, and commitments bring us normal stress of deadlines, anticipation, etc – then why must we only compound that by being negative, discouraging, and disgusting to each other? I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say after a long day of real life the last thing you want is to pick up the phone to a negative friend. Or end up on a date with your boyfriend only to argue over some trifle thing, like why you didn’t call him the second you left that long day at work. (#happened)

The point is – we need to be positive. We need to encourage. We need to be good to each other, to be positive influences and spirits in each other’s lives. I have enough going on in my real gritty life to want that in my friendships and relationships with the people I love most. And I am 101% sure that every single one of you can agree you want the same. What if we collectively made an effort to be that bright light, that good vibe? Don’t be the snuffed version of you. You’re not only bringing your own self down, you’re affecting every person you come in contact with – and then it just multiplies to everyone they reach and so forth.

So, Good vibes you guys, yes? Yes.



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