Motivation Monday // Be Grateful

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you all had nice weekends – I spent mine mostly with family and it was just what I needed after a whirlwind week last week. This Monday is jam packed with content on the blog, so hold on tight (there’s 2 more posts today!) – but first things first.. let’s talk a little Motivation, shall we?

It’s hard to believe November is already here – where did September and October go? Before we know it, Thanksgiving will have passed + Christmas will be here.. As time has seemingly gone rushing by, I keep having this one recurring thought that’s been hitting me the past few weeks: Grateful with Less.

In the blogging world, we’re constantly being inundated with sale emails, sale blog posts, buy this tweets, instagrams of the $8 sweatshirt we all just ‘need’.. and the list goes on. I’ll be the first to admit that it’s just plain hard not to constantly give in and spend every cent on the never ending wishlist I have going on..

With November here, we focus so much on being grateful, thankful, and happy with what we have – because it’s Thanksgiving.. but what about the other 360ish days per year? I guarantee on all of those days we have more than we need or could ever want, and yet are constantly wanting more, shopping for more, adding to the wishlist.. you know how it is. I’m 100% guilty of this, we all are.

So, I have a challenge for you this week – Be grateful for what you have. They say it takes 17 days to make a habit – let’s take the next 17 days and cultivate that habit for being grateful for what we have. I’m all for buying new goodies (trust me, I love a good Target spree or J.Crew Sale stock up) but this week, especially, I’m cutting back on all the unnecessary and focusing on what’s really necessary.

With that said – stay motivated this Monday! You have more than most in this world – whether it’s a job, an education, a warm apartment, or a vehicle to get you from A –> B. That’s hardly any reason to give up on Monday, right?

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  1. Alyssa said:

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you said in this post! I was even just saying to my husband, how it seems like around this time of year, people become extra greedy about all the gifts they want for Christmas, and they forget to be thankful for everything they already have!

    Runway Chef



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