Launching: #CuspConvo’s!


I am so excited to launch this new series on Style Cusp – without further adieu.. #CuspConvo‘s are kicking off today! This idea has been in the making since the new year and what I initially had planned has since moved to the back burner (for now, but stay tuned!), so I decided to just launch things as I can for now here on the site. I brainstormed back towards the new year what I could do to bring more content here for you guys and make it ‘comfortable’, not forced. I get tons of questions on snapchat and even instagram ranging from beauty products, my health and fitness routines, life questions.. really anything and everything.

Style Cusp was created as a corner of the web for me to share anything and everything – ‘cusp’ literally means a point where things intersect or come together. My mission behind this blog is to create a space where all aspects of life come together – whether it’s your personal style, home decor, travel infatuation, or just life in general. Because after all, all of those things really go hand in hand. Your personal style is reflected by your self confidence which is influenced by your health/lifestyle which is a direct correlation to your fitness/food habits.. and I could go on. You picking up what I’m putting down here? My hope with launching #CuspConvo is that all of these things are brought into my content and we (me and you!) can have interactive dialogue to share thoughts, ideas, questions, feelings, you name it!

For now, the series is going to be bi-weekly on Fridays. You can receive it directly to your inbox by signing up here, making sure you never miss a #CuspConvo. If you have questions or topics you may want me to cover, feel free to shoot me an email, chat me on snapchat (@stylecusp), or send a tweet! Just use the #CuspConvo hashtag in your subject line or message so I can easily organize topics. Sometimes it’ll be just one topic and sometimes we’ll mix a few in, like this week!

In this week’s #CuspConvo, we’ll be chatting about:

  • My trip to London coming up!
  • GLAM GLOW Masks
  • My phone cases
  • Ikea Organizer for Makeup



If you follow along on snap, I shared with you guys that I’ll be spending a few week’s in London in October. Yayyyyy! I’ve never been to London before so I am super excited for this trip and getting to see so many important, historical places. I’ll be traveling with two good blogger friends of mine (stay tuned for who!) and we’ve got a full itinerary to cover all the must see spots. I’d still love your recommendations though – must see sites, restaurants, hidden gems.. if you’ve been, then you’re the best resource!

I’ll also be spending 3 days in Amsterdam, staying at the newly renovated Hotel Pulitzer, and our itinerary there is currently a little less packed. We’ll be visiting the Anne Frank House (so excited for that) and biking around the city – because that’s one of the most popular things to do. But other than that, our time is still up for grabs. Send over your suggestions for Amsterdam too – museums, parks, restaurants, coffee shops.. you name it!

And of course, I’ll be doing full travel guides for both of these destinations – so if you have questions or anything specific you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll be sure to take lots of photos and notes to report back with!


I shared awhile back on snapchat about the handful of masks that Glam Glow sent me. I’ve spent the last few months trying them out, depending on what my skin needed at the time. And you guys — oh my gosh! They’re incredible. I don’t know how my beauty cabinet survived without these. I honestly can’t pick a favorite, but here are the few I’ve tried:

  • YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate – This stuff is seriously like magic in a jar. When you first put it on, your skin will have a definite tingle sensation (that you may mistake for burning) but stick it out for a minute or two and then let it sit a good 20 minutes. When you rinse, you’ll have the softest skin in the world. I just did this one the other night!
  • THIRSTYMUD Hydrating – You can use thirstymud as a mask or moisturizer. When I came back from Cancun my skin was so dry from the sun (and on top of traveling!) and I tried this one for the first time. My skin soaked up the entire layer I put on it within 30 seconds – yes, it was that dry! So I reapplied twice before bed and woke up to seriously hydrated and glowing skin. It also smells like a tropical oasis so bonus points for that, right?!
  • SUPERMUD Clearing – Use supermud either as a spot treatment for a breakout or on your entire face if you want a good cleanse. This is a good mask to use once a week or so to keep your skin fresh as it targets breakouts, discoloration, clogged pores, and even ingrown hairs (you can spot treat with it!) I’ve only used it on my face, and it left my skin feeling so fresh and clean.
  • GLOWSTARTER Mega Illuminating Moisturizer – If you have dull or uneven skin then this bottle of magic is for you! The lotion itself glows so you know it’s real talk in a jar. I like to use this if I was up late the night before or even when I get home from traveling – because being away from home and out of my normal routine always seems to do a number on my skin.

My best piece of advice when caring for your skin is to listen to it. If your skin is dry, changes are you probably shouldn’t be putting your sulfur mask or lotion on it. Douse yourself with THIRSTYMUD and you’ll wake up thanking me. If you need to clear out those pores post summer SPF, sweat, beach days, and whatever else then grab yourself some Tinglexfoliate. It’s such a great at home option for a facial!

P.S. This isn’t sponsored – I just really love these masks!


I’ve used the same brand of phone cases for a few years now, but for some reason have been getting a ton of questions as of late on who makes them. Minnie and Emma! They’re actually the only cases I’ll use. Minnie and Emma makes tons of cute patterns and also offers monogramming in a few different sizes. My favorites are the palm print (summer go to) and the white marble (perfect for all year round). Shop some of the cases I have below..




A few of you asked me to link this this week, so here you go! If you ever see me snapping from my office, you’ve likely seen the stack organizer behind where I sit. This is where I store all of the beauty products I get – which is an ungodly amount. PR companies, brands, and reps send boxes of samples on a weekly basis – I’m talking entire lipstick line launches with 40 shades. It got to the point where I was too overwhelmed, threw it in a cardboard box, and never used any of it.. wasting tons of product and feeling terrible in the process. Last fall, I decided to pick up this tall drawer organizer from IKEA ($129 if you can go in store & pick up) and it has literally saved my life. The organizer in me designated each drawer for different products and I’m now able to easily find any product I need or want to try. Whether you want to organize makeup, a collection, jewelry (that’s not a bad idea now that I think about it..), or you name it – this is the perfect pick!

And that concludes our first week of #CuspConvo – thank you so much for following along and I’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions for next week’s topic/topics! Happy Friday xo


  1. Jennifer Burgos said:

    To keep going with the organization topic, I would like to see tips on how to organize ones closet. Also, would like to know if you have a method for organizing shoes.

    If you have an over abundance of samples, have you thought about doing giveaways?

    • 9.26.16

      Hi Jennifer! Love this idea about the closet – i’ll definitely make a note of that and put it on my post ideas list. Great suggestion!

      For the samples, I have thought about giveaways, but it’s hard when alot of the products are certain colors for skin, etc and not everyone can match with that!

  2. Lora said:

    The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam was the absolute highlight of my trip a couple years back! Incredibly inspiring!



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