Ita Collective Agreement

. Le conseil des commissaires scolaires du district scolaire no 39 (Vancouver) et le Syndicat canadien des employés du secteur public, section locale 15, 2019 July 01 to 2022 June 30 Vancouver School Board and Bargaining Council of Vancouver School Board Construction and Maintenance Trade Unions, 2019 July 01 to 2022 June 30. Interlake School Division Bus Drivers` Association (ISDBDA) Collective Agreement CUPE 2972 Collective Agreement (Custodian Banks/Bus Mechanics) The collective agreements are available in PDF format. You can download a copy of Adobe Reader for free. Non-Teaching Employees (IANTE) Convention collective (adjoints administratifs/E.A`s/personnel de bibliothèque) Vancouver Teachers` Federation (VESTA Adult Educators` Sublocal/Vancouver School Board, 2019-2022) Vancouver Teachers` Federation/Vancouver Board of Education Agreement, 2013-2019 The following collective agreements are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Click on the logo below to get a free reader….

September 24, 2021

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