The Importance of a Morning Skincare Routine

At first reading the title of this post, I’m sure you’re like.. duh, I already know that. But how often do we actually practice it? One of the longest memories I have is my mom taking such good care of her skin. Morning and night, it was like a religious routine that was never broken.. no matter the time, location, or anything. She made her skin a priority and now is 53 with hardly a wrinkle in site! I’ve teamed up with QVC today and been compensated for my review to share a new to me skincare line that I’ve heard tons of girls raving about – and along with that line, to share the importance of making your skin a priority! 

Ever heard of Elemis? I first heard of it from my friend Becky of Cella Jane Blog when she shared her skincare routine and raved about the facial oils that Elemis has. I made a mental note that I need try those products but quickly forgot and kept up with my routine + the products I was using. Fast forward to right at the beginning of the year, and QVC asked if I wanted to try out some of the best selling Elemis products in this little ‘try me kit‘. I immediately said yes, especially when I realized one of the facial oils was included in the bundle I was getting to test out! The little bundle is currently available on for less than $50. *price subject to change

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I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face each morning and evening – while adding in different serums, spot treatments, or deep clarifying/moisturizing as needed. I usually keep my morning routine light and use less “harsh” or deep cleansing products – I use those in the evening when I take my makeup off. After getting the Elemis products in, I knew I wanted to incorporate them into my morning routine, because they were light and just the amount of nourishment my skin needed to refresh after a night’s rest + start the day. 

Importance of a Morning Skincare RoutineImportance of a Morning Skincare RoutineImportance of a Morning Skincare RoutineImportance of a Morning Skincare Routine

The cleansing balm has a thick consistency and a little goes a long way. I take a pea sized amount, warm for a second in my fingers, and then rub gently over my skin, massaging it into all the little creases and spots before rinsing with water. I then apply the pro-collagen marine cream followed by just a tad of the marine oil. One thing I realized and loved about the Elemis products is that a little goes a long way! I want to try the Superfood Facial Oil next – quite a few of my girlfriends have + love this!

Importance of a Morning Skincare RoutineImportance of a Morning Skincare RoutineImportance of a Morning Skincare Routine

If taking care of your skin both morning and night isn’t something you’ve done in the past, I want to challenge you all to really make a it a priority in 2018! A good morning skincare routine truly starts with a good night’s sleep and what you’re doing throughout the day. On behalf of both Elemis and I, here are a few tips to keep your skin healthy and glowing this year:

  • Create a solid skincare routine that works for you – find a product line that just right for your skin type. 
  • Get a good night’s rest – 8 hours! 6 just doesn’t cut it for healthy cell regeneration.
  • Take your makeup off before bed – I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Sleeping in makeup is one of the worst things for your skin.. EVER.
  • Eat + drink things that promote skin healthy – fresh fruits + veggies, organic meats, lots and lots of water.

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Today’s post was created in partnership with QVC and Elemis.




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