Friend Friday :)

Hello my fellow blogistas!

I just love Friend Friday and am always so excited to share (and receive too, hehe) all of the #FF love. If you aren’t involved, GET INVOLVED! You are missing out on exciting blogger friendships. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. And of course, thank you all for your #FF love. It’s greatly appreciated! 🙂

So following yesterday’s post in which I tagged a few of my new and favorite bloggers, Vikki of Stylometre, who was one of them, gave me my first blogger award! Thank you so much, Vikki 🙂 I was so excited when I saw her lovely post featuring me this award!

With the award, though, come some responsibilities. First, I need to share 7 things about myself! This is somewhat hard to do after I just filled out a survey yesterday answering some rather good questions about myself for you all. And On top of it, I am so NOT the type to sit behind my computer screen and ramble about myself post after post all the time (so if you are a new reader, I promise this isn’t always the case!). Regardless, here it goes! 🙂

1. I am the eldest of seven girls. Yes, I know it’s crazy. I have six sisters, and yes, we have the same parents for those of you who are wondering! (this is probably the craziest fact you’ll EVER hear about me!)
2. I hate being in the cold, but I love snuggling up inside and watching a beautiful picturesque snowfall.
3. I believe in true love, and I believe I’ve been fortunate enough to find my true love. 🙂
4. I love to write. The satisfaction of having a beautifully developed finished product to share with readers, whether they be one or hundreds gives me such a sense of accomplishment.
5. I want to travel, everywhere, and see everything that God has created for each of us to so beautifully enjoy.
6. I love to meet new bloggers and form new blogger friendships. Each of my followers, readers, friends..whoever you are, you mean something to me and have motivated and fueled me to continue blogging.
7. I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and flavors. Cooking is a therapy for me!

And there you have it! Seven random facts about me, that you may have otherwise not known.

The last part of receiving this blogger award is to name seven blogs I’m currently loving! Since I named five yesterday, I’m going to name seven different ones today. Good thing I sit at my computer and look at blogs all day, right? hehe

Some of these blogs I’ve known about for awhile and am rediscovering my love for them. Others I am a new follower and they are quickly becoming one of my daily reads. Either way, I think they are all worthy of this award too!

Today was my last day here in Austin and I’m sad to leave tomorrow! But it’s time to get back to school and work, and taking care of my boyfriend, of course. The poor guy got sick last night! 🙁 I’m off to bed and up early for a nearly red-eye flight (yuck!).




  1. Kendr▲ said:

    Your photos are really inspirational!
    I even had to go back several posts
    because your blog is really amazing.
    I hope you can check my blog out also
    and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did yours 🙂

    Kendra x


  2. Marella said:

    Congrats! Lovely blog! New follower! Follow back? 😉 Kiss

  3. Jenna said:

    !!! I have new reading material to check out !!!

    BUT first I would like to leave a super-in-depth comment. Hehe…

    1. This is crazy! I have just one sibling. I don’t think I could cope with six! Ha! Props to you girl…

    2. THIS IS SO ME!!! And the crazy thing? I am cold in seventy-five degree weather. I emerge from the house in, like, winter gear and everyone looks at me like, REALLY?

    3. Ditto. So happy for you!! I believe it’s out there for me too 🙂

    4. Um, writing is like my favorite thing ever…Right up there with chocolate and winning awards and shopping!

    5. SO, SO agreed. I would love to travel. Every time I get the chance to, I look around and see the beauty of each new place…amazing. God has blessed us with so many wonderful places to enjoy. I want to see them all!

    6. OHMYGOSH I also love to do this too (obviously)! Such a pleasure and makes blogging so worth it (amongst the hard work we put into said blog…) Among the awesomeness was meeting you! 🙂

    7. This is where we really differ. I cannot cook for beans!! hehe…but one day, I am prepared to learn 🙂

    I hope you have a lovely flight, and an even more awesome weekend!


  4. Jenni said:

    “I love to write. The satisfaction of having a beautifully developed finished product to share with readers, whether they be one or hundreds gives me such a sense of accomplishment.” <—- SO well said Marissa!!! I feel the same way. I also really love what you said about traveling – WORD!

    I enjoyed reading this and getting to know you even better! Hope you travel safely home today, and check out my write up about our meeting!! Hee hee!!

    Can’t wait til the next one, whenever that may be! 😉

  5. Kristin said:

    Hi Marissa! I just found your blog via Jenni, and had such a lovely visit here! Saw that you’re in VA currently (although your heart is in Austin :-)), and that’s where I live too! SW though…what part of the state are you in? Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend so far, and again nice to meet you! ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  6. nancygrayce said:

    Came over to visit from another blog. Nice to meet you.

  7. 11.13.10

    Hi Marissa – I’m visiting over from Jen’s blog. I love that I came over here at just the right time – this recent entry is sort of like a “getting to know you” post. 🙂

    Looking forward to following along and getting to know you better!


  8. Jammer said:

    Congrats on the award! Very well said about the writing! I love to write even if no one is reading it!

  9. kendallcrow said:

    I loved reading the 7 random facts about you, and wow! you’re the oldest of seven, that’s awesome. i’m the oldest of four in my family, which isn’t that unordinary, but i still like being the oldest 🙂

    and amen to #3, haha. i feel so blessed to have found my “one.”

    and sidenote, if you seriously wanna join a book club, i’ll totally do it too!

  10. Influence said:

    Ooh congrats on the blog award 🙂

  11. 11.15.10

    lovely post 🙂 im new on blogger and from now i’m your follower 🙂 if you want to follow me this is the url : http://martinathesolarflare.blogspot.com/ xoxo

  12. 11.15.10

    Aw, thank you for tagging me in this post! I’m honored to be apart of the blogs that you love! I love all of your seven facts–6 other sisters?? I’m an only child! How lucky you are to have siblings! I can’t wait to do a post like this of my own! Thanks again for all your support 🙂 Means so much!




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