Fall Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes – (NYFW Part 3)

I’m just on a roll right now, aren’t I? I mean, I’ve only taken a few weeks to bring this entire recap to you all. I must be an awful blogger – awful as in extremely busy intern & student. I find myself wishing all too often that I could go back to NYFW! But here we are, reminiscing of my trip together here at the Files, and you know? That’s quite all right. It just makes me look forward to September even more for more fashiony-fun!

In case you missed the first two recaps, you can easily check them out as here and here. And, I promise you if you missed them you’ll probably want to go back and read them. ๐Ÿ™‚

On Friday, my third day in New York, I spent the day at the Foley + Corinna offices, getting some internship work done. I finally got to meet all of the people I have been working with, specifically Jessica, the online marketing director and my internship “advisor” if you will. (Big shout out to Jess for letting me crash at her place during NYFW!) She is incredibly fun to be around and I am so glad I got to officially meet her. I toured the offices, took a peek at the design studio, and even saw the entire fall collection of handbags in the show room. The fall bags are phenom by the way..you should get one!

Foley + Corinna ended up canceling their Fashion Week presentation, which was a bummer, BUT instead they scheduled their fall photo shoot to take place on Friday. Perfect, right?! I was so ecstatic when Jessica told me I’d be able to participate at the shoot, take my own shots, etc. It was literally a dream come true for me to be there, seeing the models, photographers, makeup artists, designers, and stylists in action at a studio.

Even though the entire collection is photographed, some pieces unfortunately won’t make the final cut for the official fall line. Don’t ask me how, because, to me, they were all gorgeous – I couldn’t help but  drool and lust over them, especially the sequined tunics, fur cardigans and vests, and cozy knits. Too bad I wasn’t making millions so I could afford them all. Sigh.

I also got to chat with Amber of VenzEdits, who I met at IFB actually, at the shoot. She recently hosted a F+C giveaway, and came to snap photographs and even video. Her video is on her blog, and it’s fabulous- you must watch it! (View it here.) I actually did the recording of the video, which includes her exclusive interview with Anna Corinna and Dana Foley.

And yes, I know you must be wondering what everything looks like, and wanting a sneak peak. Well, I’ve got it, just for you all! I was able to use one of the other cameras and take some shots of my own. And even got permission to post them early on my blog. Chicka chicka yeahhhh. I was kind of excited, can’t you tell?

Sit back, relax, kick off your heels, put your credit cards away, and soak up your exclusive peak into the behind the scenes shoot!

Upon arriving, shoot in full swing! Models, hair & makeup, and Dan styling.

Extra touch-ups on one of the models. They were both gorgeous!

Photographer – He was really laid back for having such a long job. Super cool dude!

Obsessed with this blazer. One of my favorite shots of the day! P.S. that’s a scarf tied on her waist.

Chatting with Amber of VenzEdits, along with another intern all the way from Sweden!

Look at those jeggings. Lusting over them yet?

Rose, the head stylist. Isn’t this dress and adorable LBD?

So fierce, I love it. Makeup artist putting some finishing touches before shooting this trendy tunic.

Aaand, another piece I’m lusting over. Cashmere & fur cardi. In loveeee.

One of models & Dan

Favorite bag for fall, don’t you love?
Sneak peek at some of the bags for fall. They are gorgeous!

 Want this too. Sighhhhh.

Ahhh, the racks of pieces. The first dress weighed nearly 20 pounds, so heavy with all the beading.

Some more. Could that pink sequin tunic be any more gorgeous?

Makeup Artist, Rose, Dana Foley (owner & designer)

So, which piece is your favorite? Are you loving that fur is still in for fall (I am!) And which of you is going to be the first buyer of one of those gorgeous new bags? This coming fall line is absolutely gorgeous in every possible way, you’ll love it! I could post hundreds of shots, but tried to pick a nice variety. Hope you all enjoyed the photogs as much as I enjoyed snapping them.



  1. 3.2.11

    love the pics of this photoshoot! i just love behing the scenes stuff overall. and which look is my fave? i love all the bags – is that okay? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Silence said:

    Wow…nice work indeed ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Emily said:

    looks like you had an amazing time! So jealous, I bet it was awesome!

  4. 3.2.11

    Ooh, I love behind-the-scenes stuff! Thanks for sharing! How lucky are you to have scored that internship!

    Um, I need that cream bag in my life. Will you please tell me when it drops? Oh, and the metallic leggings! GAH! I know, it’s a long wait. But still.


  5. Gabriella said:

    Looove the cream bag! And that LBD. And the grey cardi with the sequins on it! x

  6. What an awesome internship you have love! Looks like so much fun and how awesome you got to be a part of the shoot. Next thing you know, you’ll be styling and mastering these shoots. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You already know I’m obsessing over those sequin dresses. haha

  7. Marissa said:

    What an amazing opportunity! And you really took beautiful photos, Marissa.

  8. kendallcrow said:

    I love the bags for fall, and the top directly below them. super gorgeous! what an amazing experience, so happy for you!

  9. Chelsea Rae said:

    The collection seems a bit Almost Famous if the movie were set now (I’m not sure that makes sense). If I were to live my dreams as a rock groupie for the modern-day version of The Doors, I’d wear F+C, exclusively. I think my favorite pieces are the leggings/cropped pants/whatever they are. I’m working on stretching my legs to model length by fall, so I can wear them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. 3.3.11

    you are so so lucky Marissa, that you got to see all of this!!! i agree, the bags in their Fall collection are so gorgeous. i spy a pretty black one on the far right with gold trim!
    it must have been so neat to sit in and watch all of this unfold.

  11. Lindsey said:

    This post is awesome and just WOW @ that beaded dress. I would love to own something like that, but you know it would get messed up pretty quickly lol!

  12. Marella said:

    Amazing pics! <3

  13. cryskay said:

    you have such a cool job! my favorite is the beaded dress on the rack. xo

  14. 3.4.11

    First time in your lovely blog!!! and loving it!

    god I wish I could have everything in that shoot!!, but if I really really had to pick I guess it would be the bag or those awesome trousers!.

    You are so lucky you have had those opportunities, make the best of it and enjoy every second!


  15. Lee Oliveira said:

    I love behind scenes photoshoot Marissa..
    The first girl is beyond amazing..
    They got my attention
    Lee x

  16. 3.4.11

    Love all the behind the scenes shots Marissa, so fun. I love being at photo-shoots and these pics bring back fabulous memories. As for my fave item? Um. Oh my goodness it has to be that AMAZING bag that you/or someone is holding. Love, love it. Happy Friday, hun. xx veronika

  17. cp said:

    Love the behind the scenes footage Marissa! I’m so jealous… this looks like so much fun! I love getting to see into ‘a day in the life’ of your internship!

  18. Alisha said:

    What an awesome opportunity!! I’m a little jealous ๐Ÿ˜‰ So fun and love all the clothes!! My favorite is the fur cardigan or LBD! <3 <3

  19. 3.7.11

    How dreamy!! I love those jeggings so much!

  20. lindsey lowe said:

    love all of the pics… fabulous! i want all of these things too.

  21. Caitlin said:

    M- looks like such a fantastic shoot! i’m so excited that you were able to go! f+c is has always been one of my favorite stores in nyc, everything is beyond DREAMY! XXXO

  22. jenny said:

    wow. so cool. you are talented girl! And I’m a bit jealous. just a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. Kristy Elena said:

    oh man, this post is filled with deliciousness. i really can’t even begin to pick one favorite piece. i’m really impressed with that dress you said weighed 20 pounds cause of all the beading. so pretty. but i also really liked the blazer, those jeggings, that brown furry vest and many of the accessories.

    awesome post darling, some seriously awesome photos. great job!

    Kristy Eléna – Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

  24. beingdena said:

    Looks like fun times behind the scene. the model is gorgeous and that 20 pounds dress is simply to die for.



  25. Kristin said:

    What an amazing experience that must have been! And those bags…SWOON!

  26. Becky Regina said:

    What an awesome photoshoot! I love the LBD so much! Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Francesca said:

    omg i love everything!!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!!

  28. Michelle Lee said:

    looks so fun ๐Ÿ™‚

    want to hear your thoughts on Jean Fares Couture gowns @

  29. Katie said:

    Amazing! Your life sounds so glamorous!

    Xo, Katie



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