Essential Oils: My Story

You’ve seen me talk about these before and maybe you’re like okay Marissa.. enough already! Or maybe you’re like yasss girl, keep sharing – I’m into it!

Either way, hear me out for a second.. or a few.

I starting using oils about 4 years ago when I had Strep Throat 4 times in the span of 2 months. My body was worn out, worn down, and my immune system was completely shot. I decided to look into some natural alternatives since my body wouldn’t “take” to the antibiotics anymore. I starting supporting my body with a few oils a friend gave me, also got lavender, and just barely dipped my toes into things then. I loved the lavender for sleep and would put it on my temples since it knocked me right out.

Eventually I ran out of my one bottle and it was on my ‘to do list’ to order more, but i just never did. Then one day I was scrolling through Facebook and a girlfriend of mine from college (@blondebrittney) shared something about essential oils that caught my eye.

Long story short, I just ordered the young living starter kit so I could restock on the few I ran out of and try this whole oils thing out. I was mainly looking for some sleep support and relief, and something to make my home smell good instead of the tons of candles I was using. I figured try them, why the heck not- it worth a shot right?!

Within a day it was evident these little bottles were changing things. I noticed changes in my sleeping patterns within just 2 nights of diffusing, and my ability to focus during working at home drastically increased. Could I have found an answer or a solution? Most definitely possibly yes.

Naturally as a blogger, I share things. So when something works or I like it, I talk about. I mean if these were working for me why couldn’t they work for someone else right?! So that’s what I did – just started talking and sharing, and I realized so many people struggle with the same thing:

  • sleep/fatigue
  • headaches
  • inability to focus
  • immune deficiencies
  • and so many more things.

I wanted to share with people the relief and support that I got from essential oils because it was life changing.

When I ordered the starter kit (11 most common oils + diffuser) I didn’t realize how much it would impact me. It sounds kind of stupid, yes I know, but really – I didn’t! I thought I was just getting something that would make the air smell nice and help me fall asleep faster. And while it did those things, boy did it do so much more!

If you want to hear more about my oils journey and how I use them daily, follow my oils instagram account @cuspessentials. I share everything from daily routines, to DIY ideas/recipes, how to use oils, and so much more.

If you want to grab your own starter kit and join me – ORDER HERE (make sure 11296434 shows in the sponsor/enroller field + select member). I have an exclusive facebook group for my entire community to learn, share, and support one another while we’re using oils. It’s like one big happy family and SO much fun to connect with people from all over! I’ll also send you a welcome kit with info + goodies to start out. So in short, you’re not alone in figuring things out, I’m with you right there to support, teach, encourage, and whatever else you need. Let’s do it together!



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