Dishcrawl {Intro}

Have you guys heard of Dishcrawl? Up until recently, I had not – but was thoroughly excited when Jesse from Dishcrawl Greenwich contacted me asking if I’d like to attend their crawl this week! It’s a nighttime event hosted at 4 different restaurants that define your respective city. So fun! We have no idea what restaurants we will be heading to – it’s a surprise! But I’m pretty positive they won’t disappoint.

I’m going to be on the media team, covering the event from start to finish. You can expect a recap post next week here on the blog + real-time updates via twitter + instagram!

Interested in attending or covering a Dishcrawl event? Check their list of cities and see if yours is on there. If not + you’re a total foodie like me, check into how you can become a dishcrawl ambassador today!


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