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clean home office workspace

I’m so excited to share a little peek into my home office today. I’ve been in the process of redoing my space for awhile now, and it’s slowly coming together! When you work from home, it’s absolutely necessary to have a space you’re confident and comfortable with, but also that is fun and relaxed. Let’s take a quick tour!

I picked up my desk from Ikea. Since my living room and office are the same room, I knew I wanted a work station that could double as my entertainment setup. My tv sits atop the shelving. (I also heard Ikea is doing away with the Expedit series, so snag it while you can!) I also needed to find a chair that would be comfortable when sitting all day long. I have a hard time sitting for long periods of time – I get fidgety and antsy, and just want to go for a run or move around. I looked for months until finally settling on this Alera Neratoli chair on Amazon. You guys, this chair is AMAZING – I’ve recommended it to several friends who also work from home. Sometimes I prefer sitting here rather than on my couch – and that says alot. It’s originally a $450 chair, and Amazon’s price totally kills that!

lips illustration drawing print

Print handdone by Emily Joy


all glammed up print

Print via All Glammed Up

I have lots of wall space surrounding my desk area, so have been gathering lots of prints to form a gallery wall. I wanted it to be fun and flirty (like the above two prints) but also a bit motivational since it is my workspace – like in the below printed canvas that currently sits on my desk. I have a good collection of prints and am now gathering frames. I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep them all the same color (white) or mix and match white-black-gold. What do you think?

home office setup

minnie and emma desk accessory

Minnie + Emma Lucite Box // Target Lucite Accessories (old)

Since I was little I have been a lover of office and desk supplies, and am a firm believer that you should have fun ones! I really love all the Poppin desk accessories, especially since you can pick one color or mix and match but still have the same line. I scored the above lucite tape dispenser and stapler at Target a few years ago on sale for less than $5 put together (yes, seriously!). And I love my little Minnie and Emma box – I actually store business cards in here! They monogram their pieces and rather than the typical “M”, I decided to go with an SC for Style Cusp since it would be in my work area.

capwell co statement necklace

Capwell Co Gold Necklace (Available in April)

fresh pink roses blooms

As for decorating my space, I usually stick to fresh blooms of course, and then always have a statement necklace or two lying around. I also keep a stack of new magazines that I’ve yet to read or just read handy for post inspiration. You can see the little tabs in the magazines above – when I read through I tab pages with products/outfits/inspiration that I like, and write a little comment on it. Then when I’m needing a little creativity burst, I flip through the pages I marked!

Next, I’m looking for a functional but fun filing cabinet, some paper organizers, and a foot stool of some kind! Check below to see a few of my wishlist items along with some of the items in the post!


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