DIY Nightstand with Amy Howard


I’ve been searching for the perfect nightstand for a year now – and found it, but it was nearly $2,000 and there was no way I could justify spending that much on a nightstand. For an apartment no less. I went through my sulking, disappointed stage and kept looking – still to find nothing. While perusing pinterest one day, I found this DIY Ikea Hack and it was the closest thing to the nightstand I was coveting for a huge fraction of the price. I’m not a big DIYer, so of course I got the nightstand, put it together and it sat in my room. Like this, for months.

(FYI – this nightstand also comes in a smaller size if this one is too big for your sapce!)


While I was in London last month, the Amy Howard at Home team reached out to me about attending a DIY Workshop with Amy herself to learn about her products and use them in real time. I jumped right on the opportunity, fully knowing I would put whatever skills and tricks I learned at the workshop to use with my nightstand! Amy is just the absolute sweetest woman and I loved getting to know her and her products. They’re made for girls just like you and me who don’t have hours to do a crafty project, but want a classic piece in the end.

I got to brainstorming with the Amy Howard team and we came up with the easiest two step process to achieve the look I was going for using some of Amy’s products that you can find at your local Ace Hardware store!


I selected the One Step paint in Luxe Gray – yes, literally one step! No sanding, no smoothing, no prepping… you just paint it right on ladies! On wood, on fabric, on leather, on any material you can possibly imagine to recreate any piece in your home. I also grabbed Amy’s two waxes – the light and dark antique – to finish off the product with that weathered, aged look I really wanted.

I used the paint brush to lightly stroke the wood with the paint, almost in a “wispy” way – not applying a lot of pressure. I wanted the natural portions of the wood to show through and make it look weathered and worn. The front of the piece has a lot of knots that I wanted to try to preserve! After one coat of the Luxe Gray, I went over again in a few spots to create a little bit of dimension in the painting.

After letting the pieces dry – which took less than 15 minutes since I had done such light paint layers – I went over the top, front, and sides of the nightstand with the light antique wax. The wax seals the paint (hello, water stains) while adding that worn look I wanted. I used the dark antique wax in a few spots (some of the corners).

So here’s the finished product! I scooped up the knobs at Anthropologie for under $40 over the weekend in their Black Friday sale. I absolutely love how the piece came out and it totally gave me confidence to do more DIY’s. Amy’s products are so easy to use – not to mention totally affordable too!


Today’s post was created in partnership with Ace Hardware & Amy Howard at Home.



  1. Rosie said:

    LOVE DIY! Love this one soo much

    Life is just Rosie

  2. Sarah Lagen said:

    So cute, I love this DIY project!! The table turned out great and I love all the different handles!

    xo, Sarah

  3. Ally said:

    I am totally in LOVE with your Nightstand! And the fact that it was so easy to do the make over is awesome! Fab job!



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