Clean Beauty I’m Using This Fall

I’m so thrilled to be sharing a new-to-me clean beauty brand with you guys today: Tata Harper. It’s not a secret I always try to make cleaner choices when it comes to products and skincare, and Tata Harper has been one on my list for literally years! So when they ask if I’d like to try a few things out a few weeks ago, I was SO excited!

A few key things about the brand that I already LOVE:

+ products with 100% natural origin ingredients
+ products with 80% organic ingredients
+ free from GMO, artificial colors, artificial fragrance, synthetic chemicals + fillers
+ NO outsourcing – the brand does everything themselves
+ 100% of products are formulated, manufactured, and packaged all on the company’s farm in Vermont!
+ most products are packaged in glass, making it recyclable

For starters – my skin is more in the normal to oily range, but in the winter tends to be a bit dryer (than normal for me) with the weather we have in the Northeast. I usually combat this with some type of hydrating mask or moisturizing serum/product even if it’s just a few times a week.

Here are a few of the Tata products I’m currently using/testing + why I like them!

regenerating cleanser

I exfoliate at least once daily – which doesn’t always work for everyone but I have suuuper tough skin and if I don’t, my skin gets clogged really easily. The regenerating cleanser from Tata Harper is actually able to be used daily which is AMAZING – gentle enough but still gets the job done! It also contains BHA which helps to give that even glow. I can say 10000% that my skin has completely changed since I incorporated products with BHA in it.

resurfacing serum

For a BHA serum, you know I use and love the Honeymoon Glow from Farmacy (another clean beauty brand favorite!) The Resurfacing serum from Tata Harper works like a peel to resurface, brighten, and refine with seven AHAs and BHAs and vitamin C to give you a daily dose of glow. You can use AM and PM, but I personally love to use this at night and you wake up with the SMOOTHEST skin ever.

water-lock moisturizer

Having more oily skin, I’m always more aware of the moisturizers I’m using. Are they super thick? Are they emollient? Ingredients? Etc. The water-lock moisturizer from Tata Harper is lightweight and smooth – exactly what I need. The ‘water-lock’ factor means that it has sustained hydration for your skin – think for hours rather than just seeping in and boom your skin is drying out a few hours later. It also has hyaluronic acid in it making it best for rough, tough, and dull skin – usually what ‘plagues’ me! This is also the second moisturizer I’ve tried that is in one of these “pods” making it SO easy for application and you never really “squeeze too much out” if that makes sense. When you finish the pod, you just buy a replacement, and keep the outer pod!

resurfacing mask

Aaaand last -it’s no secret I love my weekly at home facials. I usually try to incorporate a mask into the facial depending on what my skin needs that particular week! Usually I am reaching for a clarifying or resurfacing type mask to work on dullness, pores, and absorbing excess oil. The resurfacing Tata mask does a bit of all of this so you get it all in one – perfect to end your facial with and then use a hydrating or BHA serum + you’ll be GLOWING!

Thanks to Tata Harper for sponsoring today’s post!


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