Caribou Coffee Wireless Use Agreement

We use a standard Wi-Fi agreement and this clause is supposed to protect us from litigation, especially if there has been a problem with what a minor under the age of 18 has found while surfing the Internet. As long as you agree to the use of a public Wi-Fi server, it is normal for them to use the Wi-Fi available in our shop. Until September 2006, caribou Coffee customers have access to Caribou Coffee-sponsored Wi-Fi service at participating sites. Stores in Omaha, Nebraska, served as a trial market for the initiative, which will expand to all caribou coffee shops where fast internet access is available. Caribou Coffee has designed its Wi-Fi program to meet the needs of the vast majority of its customers, who have an average of less than an hour per user session. For more information about Caribou Coffee`s sites, you can find customers on In many cases, customers may be disappointed by challenges when it comes to logging in, sending emails, or fixing more serious issues like viruses. “It`s not really a default Wi-Fi agreement, because neither the Peet Terms of Service nor the Starbucks Terms of Service contain an age clause as far as I can find it, but we can defer them to this one. Most importantly, they approach the topic with a vague hand movement on porn and inappropriate content. I would categorize that as “because the lawyers said so.” .

September 13, 2021

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