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I’ve been sharing about the Skinfix Healthy Facial collection on my snapchat the last few weeks and wanted to bring it over here to give you guys a full review on the line. In case you’re not following on snap, let me catch you up:

Skinfix is a gluten, dairy, paraben, and silicon-free skincare brand that recently launched a ‘hydrating facial’ skincare line. It’s packed with essential, natural ingredients including jojoba oil, red seaweed extract, aloe leaf extract, macadamia oil, and cucumber extract to name just a few. Skinfix’s first facial line is hydrating based, leaving your skin moisturized, glowing, and healthy. And by healthy, I mean that with so many natural ingredients, your skin’s natural barrier (what protects it against free radicals and pollutants) is built up and equipped to fight them off. Almost like your immune system!

I’ve always had sensitive skin, as I’ve shared in the past, so I’m hesitant to try new lines for fear my skin reacts adversely. But with this line being so packed with real ingredients, I felt confident only good could come from it. Below I’m sharing my thoughts on each product in the line!




The Foaming Oil Cleanser is light, crisp, and refreshing, smelling like cucumbers the moment it hits your skin. The consistency is very ‘soft’ and gentle. I recommend using the foaming oil cleanser in the morning, to waken and refresh your skin after a night’s sleep. Since it’s lighter and more hydrating, I found I liked to use the cleanser in the morning when my skin needed a gentler cleanser, versus at night when it’s full of makeup and I usually exfoliate. Plus, since its ingredients are made up of a Healthy Lipid and skin barrier building complex duo, it’s perfect to use right when you start the day!


Just like the cleaner, the moisture boost serum leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. My skin had a beautiful dewy glow after I used this! If you tend to have dry skin, then this product is definitely for you. It infuses the skin with natural oils without making it greasy or leaving a sticky residue. It also contains Peony Root Extract that helps reduce pigmentation or redness for a bright, even skin tone.



Use either the Lotion or the Cream as your final moisturizing step. If your skin is extremely dry or needing extra moisturizing (i.e. you were in the sun all day), then I’d recommend using both. But on a normal day, one is definitely sufficient! Personally, I have more moist and oily skin by nature. The Hydrating Lotion is a bit lighter than the cream, and great for daily use. For days that your skin is a little more dry than normal, I’d recommend the Nourishing Cream. Depending on how my skin was feeling, I used a mix of one or the other over the course of the last few weeks!



This product was definitely my favorite in the line (along with the cleanser)! I am not huge into eye creams/serums, because they tend to be oily or not absorbent. But I absolutely love the consistency of this Skinfix Brightening Eye Cream! I’ve never had huge under eye circles or puffiness, but I just noticed that the overall texture and brightness of my skin increased. I use this both day and night now!

And that wraps it up – overall, I highly recommend the line as one that is not harmful to your skin, smells and feels refreshing, and is great for all skin types. I also was really impressed with the size and weight of the Skinfix products. They’re lightweight and not large, making them perfect for travel. Something that this jetset girl is always aware of!

If you guys have any specific questions about the line or one of the products, please sound off in the comments below!

Today’s post is created in partnership with Skinfix.

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  1. 5.3.16

    Ahh this stuff sounds wonderful!! I love the pretty bottles too.

    Sara Kate Styling



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