Amazon Finds under $75

Like the rest of the world, I shop on Amazon from pretty much everywhere. I even tell my Alexa to add things to my cart so I don’t forget to order – from garbage and plastic bags to reordering my matcha mix.. you name it, I get it on Amazon.

The world of Amazon is literally GENIUS! Everything at your fingertips – and it’s also a black rabbit hole if you let it be, ha. There’s so many things that are kinda just junk, but there’s some amazing finds on there that I sometimes can’t believe my eyes at the price tag.

I’m going to try to do roundups of my favorite purchases every so often for you guys.. here’s the first one! To shop, just click on any of the bold words below 🙂

  1. Metal Straws – I get this question All.The.Time. I swapped the plastic straw of my Yeti for these metal ones and just swap/wash them every few days. I put essential oils in my water sometimes too, and you need to use metal when you do that sooo metal straws it is. Plus, environmentally friendly!
  2. Water Wipes – traditional makeup wipes are FULL of horrible chemicals. Hormone disrupting chemicals, fragrance, and loads of other crap. I stopped using them almost two years ago and swapped for these water wipes that are 98% water with some grapeseed oil. I use them for removing makeup, refreshing my underarms, and even wiping off my makeup brushes. Multipurpose + safe/clean/nontoxic for you!
  3. Workout Tanks – I actually just ordered these this week and am waiting for them to come in, but I know I’m going to love them. I dont like working out in heavy tops, so it’s usually lightweight tanks for me, and I love the racerback cut on these. Plus, a pack of 3 for $23? Sign me uppp. Will probably be ordering more.
  4. Pill Organizer – I take tons of vitamins every day and depending on what vitamin it is, you’re supposed to take it morning/noon/night/with meal/after… blah blah. To keep it easy, I got this organizer so I don’t even have to think about what to take when! Plus, I love that the little days are color coded and individual cases so if i’m traveling I don’t have to take the whole thing, just the few days i’m gone!
  5. Lipstick Holder – this vintage style piece is gorg and reminds me of the anthro one, except a fraction of the price. I got this and actually use it for my oils and rollers in my office but you can use it for pretty much ANYTHING in your bathroom, on your dresser, vanity, you name it!
  6. Sneaks – I’ve been contemplating ordering the Golden Goose sneaks which are all the rage right now, but can’t justify $400+ for shoes that I’m not sure I’m going to wear a ton. I got these dupes to at least try out and see if I like the general style and if I end up wearing these to death might take the plunge. But $16 dupes sounded like a much better idea to me.
  7. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – I get SOOO many questions on these every time I wear them on instagram… sooo here you go. I wear these every time I sit here at my computer. Get them.
  8. Tassel Two Piece Suit – I actually ordered this last year and it was one of my favorite suits. It’s a dupe for another suit that was nearly $200.. and again this one is less than $15. I mean…. I ended up buying two sizes cause I wasn’t sure, and wear a medium in the top and small in bottoms. But for the price, buying two is nothing – ha!
  9. Quay Sunnies – I was in the market for a new pair of classic black sunnies and LOVE the Celines but one thing I don’t spend a fortune on is sunglasses. Because they’re always getting smashed around, scratched, etc in my purse. These $40 Quay ones are super similar, plus I have more sunglasses from them and love the brand in general!

Do you guys like this type of post? LMK and I can definitely do more!


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