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There is another equally valid reason to protect your 3 Diamond rating. If you`re currently rated at this level, your property is already well positioned to target a majority of over 50 million AAA members. According to the latest official statistics available, accommodations rated at 3 diamonds account for 51.7% of all AAA accommodation ratings. The 3 Diamond is the one that is most popular among travelers. About 80% of AAA members` nights take place in middle-class accommodations. Middle class means 2 and 3 diamond dwellings, of which 3 Diamonds are the overwhelming majority. If not, why worry? There are several reasons for this. Competition is one. There is less disposable income for travelers and more accommodations trying to get a piece of travel cake from the accommodation. Another reason is that travelers give weight to these ratings.

Be all you can be and generate the highest score that can support your infrastructure and staff – put your property at the highest level of customer awareness. Last but not least, focus on the little things that travelers consider important. Consider the details that inspectors are looking for – these rating systems reflect customer tastes and requirements. Surprise! – don`t disappoint! Harry Nobles began his career in hospitality at the American Automobile Association (AAA) as a field agent who inspected and evaluated hotels and restaurants. Subsequently, he was promoted to Inspection Supervisor at AAA Headquarters, with overall responsibility for the evaluation of accommodations and restaurants throughout North America. ORLANDO, FLORIDA – AAA is introducing a modified and contemporary version of its AAA diamond program. The program is also supported by professional inspectors who use member-centered criteria to recommend only clean, comfortable and welcoming hotels and restaurants. What`s new? Replacement of evaluations by denominations. A Diamond designation reflects the professional ratings of AAA inspectors who use updated member-focused guidelines and distinguish the program from services that use unverified, often biased hotel and restaurant ratings.

AAA Diamond hotel names represent the overall quality, the offer of facilities and the level of hospitality offered. AAA Diamond names for restaurants represent all the food, service and atmosphere that is offered. *Percentages also include FYI offers that add value to members and travelers, but are not regularly checked by AAA. The modernized AA Diamond program guidelines for hotels and restaurants reflect the latest expectations and trends in the travel industry. AAA has removed outdated criteria in favor of factors that relate more directly to customer comfort, design, and layout. For example, AAA inspectors will now look for enough storage space and shelves for clothing and belongings in guest rooms, not ironing boards or printed information to reflect the expectations of modern guests. “Only the best hotels and restaurants are included in the Diamond aaa program – professional inspectors eliminate low-quality places as service for our members. For more than 80 years, travelers have relied on AAA`s trusted recommendations, and these latest changes only strengthen AAA as a point of contact for relevant information and guidance for all travel planning needs,” Barber added. .

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September 8, 2021

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