Cold Weather Boots

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As much as I hate to admit it, the cold weather + snow will be here before we realize it (maybe.?!) It’s been such a warm fall – today it’s beautiful and 66! – so it hardly feels like winter could be anywhere close. But I’m a Connecticut born gal so now it’s coming, whether I like it or not! I haven’t invested in some good cold weather boots in quite a few years until a few weeks ago when I ordered this Kamik pair from Zappos. And next on the list to take an audit of my coats, get rid of those I don’t wear, and make sure my puffer ones are up to par for the season.

Let’s be real – when it’s cold + snowy, you’re wearing those snow boots out to Trader Joe’s, Target, or any other daily errands. At least, I know I am! So I try to find a pair that’s functional yet still fashionable. I love the fur detailing along the top of these Kamik boots along with the golden lace for a little contrast. Small details really make the shoe – especially when it’s a snow boot! They’re warm and sturdy, cause you know I don’t want to slip on that ice either. I also like the taller, mid calf height for those especially cooler days to help keep my legs warm!

Zappos has such a huge selection of cold weather boots from Kamik – there’s some shorter styles too if the mid calf isn’t your thing. And major bonus – their shipping is as fast as lightning! I ordered these and they were here within a few days. I don’t really recommend waiting until the cold or snow are coming to order, but if you absolutely had to.. then I think you’d get them in time 😉






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