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Hi guys! Today is the day – I’ve been teasing it for a few weeks over on instagram! It’s the day that the new Heidi Klum for Lidl line launches and I am SO excited. I think this line is going to be huge and quite literally fly right off the shelves and online stock.. so don’t wait to grab some pieces if you’re thinking about it.

Let me give you a little back story.. I had no idea what Lidl was, never even heard of it. And chances are, unless you’re well versed in European stores, you probably aren’t either. But it’s an enormously popular grocery store chain in Europe that also has one section of the store for small capsule collection or collaborations. They are opening over 100 stores in the US over the course of the next few months and the current capsule collaboration is one with Heidi Klum. I partnered with Lidl during fashion week to help promote the launch and get a hands on experience with the brand – it was so much fun! 

I’m going to share all about the experience here as well as show you a few of the pieces I have from the collection and have styled. If you guys purchase anything, let me know! The entire line price point is primarily under $100, with some pieces being even as low as $6.99 today to kick things off. Now, you might here those prices and think oh, must be cheap quality – but girls, let me tell you, it is not! Heidi is 100% involved in this process and literally approves every single piece by hand. She’s picked pieces of utmost quality here and given incredible thought to all of the details, like buttons, buckles, etc. 

Our first night in NYC we kicked things off with a cocktail reception at the Standard to preview the line and connect with hundreds of other influencers and representatives of Lidl from all over the world! Every country there’s a Lidl store, they had a representative. How cool is that?! 


Our second day, we attended the official launch, presentation, and runway show of the line. Heidi presented the pieces herself and was available to chat for interviews – all of the pieces were displayed on models. I wore this buttery faux suede leather jacket (only $50!!) and short sleeve lace top from the Esmara by Heidi Klum line paired with my own wide leg pants! 


The whirlwind day was capped off with an absolutely stunning plated dinner at La Sirena. 100% unexpected on my end and so kind of Lidl to host hundreds of us influencers for something like this! It was the perfect end to a few days with the brand. 

One of my favorite things about the Esmara by Heidi Klum line is how versatile it is. I wore this sweater traveling into NYC for the whole trip, but have also worn it lounging around the house. It’s soft and slightly oversized – and as you can see, super comfy!


My absolute favorite piece from the entire line is this faux suede jacket. I wore it during the NYFW presentation, but have since worn it several times and know it will be a staple this fall/winter season. The price point is incredible – only $50 – and it fits 100% perfectly. I have enough room in there to layer the previous sweater underneath! 

The line also includes an entire leopard selection, ranging from cardigan to jackets, pants, shoes, and more. I’m wearing a little dash of leopard here with this cami – but while we were in NYC, it was incredible to see 50+ girls wearing many of the same pieces of leopard but in SO many different ways. Talk about inspiration! 


Thank you so much to LIDL and the entire team for hosting us for such a fun few days. I am looking forward to seeing how well this line does and excited for all that’s to come for Lidl in the US. Their first store is currently in North Caroline, but keep your eyes open for one opening soon near you! 

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